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Today’s Gospel: John 8:21-30

Whenever I wish to run a quick errand and leave my little ones home, they become upset. Even if I am just going to the Walmart for the umpteenth time, they want to come with me. They often cry upon hearing, “Where I am going, you cannot come.” How much more devastating would it be if we were to hear these words spoken to us by the Lord? So what do we have to do in order to avoid these words being pronounced to us?

First of all, we must be not of this world but “from above.” We ought not to pursue things that appear to be important in this world—money, respect, and admiration, for example. Our minds must be set on things that are from above. Our goal while we are here below needs to be union with God—heaven.

The first step towards attaining heaven is belief. We must come to know Jesus as our Lord and Savior. We must accept the fact that He was lifted up and died for our sins so that we can one day be with him for all eternity. Having this faith moves us to hope and love.

Through our faith in Jesus, we can hope to be with Him and all the saints in the glory of heaven. Knowing that He loves us this much moves us to not only love Him in return, but also those around us, sharing with them the faith and hope we have found in God.


What thing or concern here below keeps me from contemplating the glories from above? With whom can I share my faith and hope in Jesus today?


Lord Jesus, I have many concerns that occupy my mind. Release me from them so that I may contemplate your love and glory. Where you are, Lord, I want to be. Amen.

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  1. you cannot serve two master. you will eventually chose one to be important and the other one a possible second or third at best. we are entering holy week who will become important in your the one hanging on a tree or the ones laughing at him. thank you Kelly for picking the one on the tree it gives your dad great joy

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