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I hope everyone had a blessed Easter and a lovely Holy Week during our break from Small Success Thursday.  As part of restarting this internet walk about the various blogs, I thought I’d give people the history of this particular weekly exercise in counting our blessings.  Small Success Thursday began as part of the now defunct Faith &Family Blog run by Danielle Bean.  She now edits the Catholic Digest, but handed over care of the weekly event to me some four years ago.  After a year of hosting it at my blog, talking it over with Lisa Hendey and Sarah Reinhard, we moved SST to where it has been housed ever since.   I love reading the stories of other folks out there in the midst of really living out their faith, and how all these little victories, add up to a tremendous amount of salt and light in the world.

But the number of people participating has dwindled in recent months, such that while I enjoy this weekly check-up, I wonder if its time has passed.  Do people want to spend some time on Thursday, reflecting upon the past week and all that happened?  I know for me, it is a good gut check, because weeks can merge into each other without my stopping to think about what happened this week, as opposed to last.  As a humor writer, I don’t always paint in my humor pieces, only the unvarnished truth, but in the Small Success Thursday, it’s just what happened. It’s only what happened, and it’s a chance to say, “Thank you,” for all that is happening.   I hope others will join in, and share their stories and triumphs from the past week, for it is always good to recognize, ours is a lavish luminous generous God, and all we have is grace.

This week I:

  • Worked on paper work (Yay). I can see the table.  It’s not clear…but I can see the wood.
  • Hosted a party for my 13-year-old. They watched the first part of Mockingjay and ate pizza.
  • Took my 9-year-old to the ER on Easter Saturday to make sure she didn’t have a chipped bone in her leg. (She fell on the stairs and it swelled).  Yay, no chip. Go home, put ice on it, carry on.
  • Made it to Stations of the Cross on Good Friday, and had a lovely Easter with Marc and the kids. Two of the children served Mass, we had lamb and roasted vegetables and finished with raiding the Easter baskets.
Six of my ten bunnies, just after the Easter Egg Hunt.

Six of my ten bunnies, just after the Easter Egg Hunt.

Now, it’s your turn!

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  1. I love SST. It’s one of the highlights of my week. I don’t usually post or comment as I’m often in a hurry, but I find the attitude of gratitude in the posts lifts me up and encourages me to count my own successes instead of focusing on the ever-growing pile of mismatched socks. Thank you for doing this! Small success for me this week getting some bushes and vines cleared out for incoming edible landscaping. Yay blueberries!

  2. Sherry, first of all, I love the photo of your bunnies (especially the one with the statement headband!)
    Second, I’m a fan of SST. I’m normally a pessimist at heart, so it’s a good thing to make myself focus on the good that’s happened in a week.

  3. I hope and pray you don’t nix this.
    I promise to make more of an effort.
    I do read it and it’s so uplifting.

  4. I need the reminder of SST. It can be a relief valve for me too. i appreciate the support I relieve.

  5. Then is shall continue. I’m open to suggestions as to how we can grow the community that participates.

  6. I love SST!! Please keep it going! I participate as I am able, not every week, but sometimes SST is the only thing that keeps my own blog going. Haha! What participating in SST I’m always amazed at how fast a week goes by. “Oh my gosh, it’s Thursday AGAIN!” It’s always a surprise, but gives me that opportunity to relive the past week. Love the attitude of gratitude in the various SST posts too.

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