Have Courage and Be Kind


For anyone who hasn’t seen Disney’s newest Cinderella, I suggest you not walk but run to the theatre.  A few friends and I recently watched the film and left laughing, crying, singing and dreaming our way out of the movie.

We all love Disney princesses but there’s something extra special about the character of Cinderella: her virtue.  And while her virtue is always evident, this film emphasizes it in a particular way.

In the beginning of the movie Cinderella’s mother tells her a secret to life, that if she can hold on to this, she will have so much power, it’s almost as if she’ll have magic: “Have courage and be kind.” No matter what.

And Cinderella, heeding her mother’s words, continues to show courage throughout her life.  She speaks the truth where truth must be spoken. She does what is right even when it’s uncomfortable.  She continues to hope even in the face of utter darkness.  And she is kind.  Another way of saying this is that she loves the people around her truly, selflessly, for their own sake, without counting the cost.

Dew on Rose by Bob Colvin (2009) via Flickr

Dew on Rose by Bob Colvin (2009) via Flickr

And what power does this bring her in her life?  Nothing can rob her of her joy.  No matter how badly she is treated by those around her.  No matter how much she suffers, how hungry, cold, lonely, tired, or frightened she is.  Her ongoing courage and kindness fill her heart with hope and joy.  She continues to love, serve and forgive, and in losing her life, she finds it.


This is the very thing that sets her apart from others, and this is what turns the head of the prince, making him choose her.  She is ultimately different, ultimately beautiful because she courageously loves.

We Christians are called to do and be the same.  Now in this Easter season we are called to bear the glory of God, the goodness of God, the love of God, His victory over sin and death, and people around us should see something different in us.  A sparkle in our eyes, courage, a genuine kindness, true and authentic hope.

No matter how heavy the cross is, as Christians we can rejoice because out of every cross our Lord can bring a resurrection.  We need only have courage.  And no matter how ill-treated or persecuted we may be, we can remain free and joyful if we forgive and love, for He has forgiven and loved us.

As Christians we need not be afraid to be joyful for He has risen!  To boldly let our light shine!  Who knows?  We might just turn the head of a prince.

Copyright 2015 Kara Klein.
Photo: Dew on Rose by Bob Colvin (2009) via Flickr


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  1. Your review of “Cinderella” was spot-on, Kara! I was so pleasantly surprised by the virtuous message of this movie, and I am so glad I took my four daughters to see it. I pray that by seeing—quite literally—how good ultimately triumphs over evil, my girls will keep the image of courage and kindness that Cinderella so beautifully portrays fresh in their minds. So, that when they, in turn, have to make choices on how to live, they will make heroic, virtuous, genuine and loving decisions! “Have courage and be kind!”

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