Meatless Friday: Sister Anne's Tangerine Salmon


meatless friday redesignEditor’s Note: We warmly welcome guest chef Sister Anne Flanagan, who generously agreed to share her recipe for a simple salmon dish–via Twitter. After I did a little shameless begging on behalf of Meatless Friday, Sister Anne tweeted the recipe. –Barb

Sister Anne Flanagan salmon tweet

Here’s the screenshot as proof–Sister really did share this recipe on Twitter!

Sister Anne’s Tangerine Salmon

Fresh rosemary (a big bunch)
Ginger juice (just a bit)
Brown sugar, to taste

Remove seeds from tangerines, then grind them (including the rind) in the food processor with ginger juice and brown sugar. Use the whole tangerine–everything but the seeds.

Coat top and bottom of salmon with tangerine mixture.

Rest salmon on a bed of fresh rosemary. Top with sprigs of rosemary.

Bake at 400 until done.

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Copyright 2015 Sister Anne Flanagan, fsp.

Sister Anne Flanagan photoSister Anne Flanagan is a Catholic sister (nun) of the Daughters of St. Paul, an international community founded in 1915 for evangelization in the world of communication. Singer, writer and speaker for Pauline Books & Media (US); just appointed web content editor for an upcoming project of Pauline-UK. She blogs at NunBlog and tweets as @nunblogger.


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