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Allison Gingras, founder www.ReconciledToYou.com (RTY); and host of A Seeking Heart on Breadbox Media weekdays 10 am ET. Allison created the "Words with" daily devotional App Series: Words with Jesus and Words with Mary. Allison offers retreats and talks on: Forgiveness; Works of Mercy; Trust and JOY!


  1. Twitter is my favorite; it reminds me of my days in high school when I was headline editor of the paper for 3 years. Back then we had to count “units,” not characters, and there was a certain space to be filled. Facebook is good but they keep changing what they show me, regardless of how I set it. Twitter shows me what I say I want to see.
    And I don’t pin. That place would be way too dangerous for me!

    • I love Twitter, but I always feel like I am missing out of something because I couldn’t possible keep up with all the tweets of the 1000+ people I follow. I know, follow less but… who would I drop 😉 Nosy and Twitter don’t match. ha ha. I will never figure out FB — excited to have Cristina Trindad on my show Wednesday, totally PICKING her brain on this topic 🙂

  2. As far as socialization goes, I *try* socializing on Twitter, but I get so few responses (I must not be doing Twitter right 😉 On Facebook, however, it’s in Facebook groups that I spend the most time. Being special-interest focused, Facebook groups really lend themselves to asking questions and receiving advice. I can spend a LONG time of Facebook groups, both reading answers and responding to questions. I do not have Facebook or Twitter on my phone, however, so I limit my time a little better!

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