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Allison is the host of a  10 a.m. weekday talk show called A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras. The week before Mother’s Day, she hosted five Catholic Women Bloggers to bring an awareness about a new type of Catholic writer. Bloggers are real writers, she stressed,  they simply use a different medium to reach the public with their message.

I was shocked on Monday evening when Allison phoned to brief me on the hour long conversation scheduled for the next morning. Actually it was a blessing I had forgotten about the interview because I had no time to worry about what I would say on Tuesday, May 5. So I did not prepare at all. Although few people listened to our chat live, more than 1,221 people have listened to the podcast to date. I must admit I helped plug this episode; I plastered the link to my interview on all my blogs in the sidebars and on social media.

Allison began with an embarrassing opinion,”I don’t think I know any other writer who is as prolific as you are.”

I responded, “Why does everyone always say that?”

We both laughed, which set the tone for the rest of our sharing. I will let you all in on an incredible secret: Mrs. Gingras is terrified of bugs and has never gardened in her life. I was almost speechless with shock, given my lifestyle. As an interviewer, Allison was thorough, asking me everything from how I started to blog, my favorite topics to write about, certain posts, and my life. She really wanted to know what a hobby farm was because we lived on a farm with our nine children for 25 years. We  feed our large family by raising a calf, four pigs, 15 laying hens and 175 meat birds every year as well as tending a huge garden with 75-foot rows of vegetables.

If you would like to listen in to hear my melodious voice and laugh along with Allison and myself, just click on the link:

A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras airs Monday through Friday at 10 AM Eastern on Real Life Radio.

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  1. That week one was of my favorites on the show. Honestly, as soon as the Holy Spirit inspired the idea, you were instantly on my short list of invites!! Thank you for sharing it here on where it all began for me – it is a blessing to be part of such an amazing, and wonderful world of Catholic moms, bloggers and faithful!!!

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