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If you are without any vice that plagues you, go ahead and skip this post. And while you’re at it, say a little prayer for me ok?

Because I deal with a few “vices” on a daily basis.

Image credit: Pixabay

Image credit: Pixabay

As defined by Fr. John Hardon in the Modern Catholic Dictionary, a vice is:

A bad moral habit. Technically a vice is the strong tendency to a gravely sinful act acquired through frequent repetition of the same act. Qualities that characterize a vice are spontaneity, ease, and satisfaction in doing what is morally wrong. 

If you’re wondering whether you’re prone to vice, check out the seven capital sins, as listed by Pope St. Gregory the Great:

  1. pride
  2. avarice
  3. lust
  4. envy
  5. gluttony
  6. anger
  7. sloth

While I won’t specify which of these plague me, I will share my joy at finding a new tool to help me deal with the vice(s) in my life. The brand new Victory App designed by Life Teen, Mark Hart and Matt Fradd is described this way:

The fight for freedom from pornography is a battle you can win. But, every battle needs a plan. The Victory app provides a strategic battle plan for liberty in the struggle against pornography.

But it’s way more fun to let Mark and Matt explain it to you:

I’ve downloaded the free app and have been using it for the past few days. I’ll say up front that my “vice of choice” is not lust. I don’t struggle with a temptation to view pornography. But I do struggle with other things and have found a bit of “victory” in tracking my “triggers” three times per day and employing the app’s tools to stave off temptations. The app is free but contains an easy link to the $1.99 “Victory Book”, which provides a wealth of resources in its 52 chapters to help you fight any vice.

iphone1Yes, this tool was designed to help people battle porn addiction. But much of the wisdom can be translated into winning the war against any sin in your life.

One compelling feature of the app is the daily check-in tracker, which can be set to alert you to log in your progress three times per day. At the bottom of that page is a “setback” button. When I’ve given in to my vice and click on that link, I will be taken to an assessment page where I can track and journal about the emotional triggers that caused me to sin. After only a few days, I am beginning to note some patterns, but I’ve also been handed some awesome tools to help me repair my relationship with God and to cope with future temptations.

As always, an app will never replace the grace of the sacrament of reconciliation, so it is helpful that the app helps me keep track of Confession too. One feature that I have not used is the “accountability partner” feature, but I’d imagine that it will be a great support to the intended audience for this app.

Check out for more information.

A question for you: Would you use an app to help you with your struggles against a vice that challenges you, or do you fear using technology for something so personal?

Image credit: Pixabay

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    Hi Lisa! With God’s grace, this can be a very sharp sword used in the battle against vice and sin. Thank you for highlighting The Victory APP!

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