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One of the greatest benefits of living in the digital age is the ability to create a community of people who would not normally have an opportunity to be friends, enter into dialogue and/or share ideas. has always been known for being on the forefront of the use of technology for supporting Catholics in their vocations as mother and wife (and father/husband), as well as many who also have the roles of catechist, homeschool teacher and yes, even family chef.  The inclusion of Forums, on a site already brimming with reader support is very exciting.   The innovation continues.

We have created this resource to provide an open space for dialogue, conversation and prayer.

So how to does the Forum section work and how can you participate?


Second – Be sure to introduce yourself!

Third – EXPLORE and enjoy!  There are presently 12 wonderful Forums. I can pretty much guarantee there is one (or more) there for you!

Features I love:

  • Subscribe – never miss a post! Worried your inbox will be overwrought with emails – fear not. Subscribe ONLY for those boards that interest you!  You can unsubscribe (very easily) at any time!
  • Catholicmom never forgets the Catholic Dads, Singles, Grandparents!
  • My two favorite forums – Geek Room and Book Lovers.

Your homework this week: visit this special place where all the Catholicmom moms, dads, catechists, friends, grandparents, and prayer warriors alike can come together.  Explore, interact and share!

Technology is truly a gift from God – and when we use that gift to connect and support others, it is a gift well used!

Had time to explore?  Which boards are your favorites?

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Allison Gingras created the Stay Connected Journals for Catholic Women (OSV), including "The Gift of Invitation" and "Seeking Peace: A Spiritual Journey from Worry to Trust." Her ministry focuses on the grace of prayer, Scripture, and sacrament. Allison is the national WINE Steward for WINE: Women In the New Evangelization and hosts A Seeking Heart podcast.


  1. I have tried registering for the forum before. It says a email will be sent with a password and I never receive the email.

      • Allison Gingras on

        Barb is probably on to something, I just checked my SPAM on a whim and ALL my email was in there … let us know Andrea how it went, and if we can be of any further assistance.

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