Daily Gospel Reflection for June 13, 2015



Gospel Reflections 800x800 blue outlineToday’s Gospel: Luke 2:41-51

Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Mary and Joseph are not the only people to ever lose track of Jesus. At least they only did it once. I have lost track of how many times I’ve misplaced Jesus. I don’t mean to – as they clearly did not either. Sometimes I just get wrapped up in my life – cleaning, meal planning, working, homework, and the occasional evening out. It is never intentional. It is not as if I find those things more important than being with Jesus. Perhaps I just assume He is right there with me so I don’t have to check in with him? Then suddenly I will say or do something and realize—oops!—I’ve left home without Him (again).

Funny, like Mary, sometimes I forget that I can find Jesus in the most obvious place – His Father’s House. I can meet Him in the Eucharist – both as I receive in Mass and as I adore in Adoration. The Eucharist is the body, blood, soul, and divinity of my Savior, Jesus Christ – and although He is hidden in the guise of Bread and Wine, He is not hidden from me. He is always there, always present – waiting. He is about His Father’s business. Actually, I am the one who occasionally gets lost.

What should I do when I finally locate Jesus – either in the Eucharist or in my prayers? I shall follow the model of my Mother Mary, who “kept all these things in her heart.” I would like to say that once I have put Jesus in my heart, I will never leave home without him again, but, alas, I know myself better than that. Yet I have found over the last eight years since my ‘reversion’ back to the Catholic faith that the more I search and find Him, the less often I lose him again.


Where is Jesus in your life right now? When was the last time you misplaced Him? Do you recall what the circumstances were that caused you to lose sight of Him? It is important that we reflect on those circumstances because in recognizing them, we are less likely to leave Jesus behind again.


In the midst of my crazy, busy life, I pray to always remember to keep Jesus close to me. May I always seek where He may be found – in my prayers, in the scriptures, and in a very special way, the Eucharist. Mother Mary, whose Immaculate Heart we remember today, you were the first to suffer the agony of losing Jesus and the incredible joy of finding him again. Please share with me your suffering and your joy, all that you kept in your heart, so that I too may never lose your Son, Jesus Christ, again.

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  2. Kelly Guest on

    Allison, great reflection! Recalls to mind a credit card commercial! Indeed, the moments that I forget Jesus are often the more difficult or frustrating moments of my day. It is good to know where to find Him.

    • Thanks Kelly for your kind comments on my reflection. That is funny about the c/c commercial !! Made me Laugh OUT loud for real 🙂 Especially funny, since my hubby and I went through the drive thru Friday without ours — and how I felt IS usually how I feel when I’m trying to operate sans Jesus!!!

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