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Well guys, I won’t lie.  I’m pinching myself.  This is a very cool, crazy feeling, holding a real book in my hands that I wrote myself.  Yes, I’ve written e-books before, but this one I can touch.  It was a long and often painful process.  It was “almost done” and even “done” so many times that I lost count.

One setback was when Mom was diagnosed with cancer last summer and passed away about 8 weeks later — I knew when she was sick that taking care of her was my priority, and as much as it still hurts having her gone, I’m SO thankful for that time and it feels great not having any regrets.  Besides that, it was the whole full time blogger and homeschooling Mom “thing” that made it tricky to FINISH.

My publisher (and friend) was SO patient, ever ready to encourage me and get me to relax by saying things like, “God’s timing is always perfect.”  (The story of how I found my publishers, or really how they found ME, is another whole amazing story, which I tell a little about in the book.  Let’s just say it was a “God thing” for sure.)

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