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I eagerly anticipate a different kind of adventure each time the summer rolls around. Since I started college, my time at school has been jam-packed. Every moment seems to be filled, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. As I started freshman year at Franciscan University, I had a thought that summer would bring a time to kick back, read 37 books, and do nothing. I couldn’t have been more incorrect.

6 days after I finished freshman year, I flew to Seattle, Washington and began walking home to DC with Crossroads Prolife, accompanied by an amazing team of young adults. Then, 2 weeks after finishing sophomore year, I began serving as a sacristan for the Franciscan Conferences, requiring frequent 6-am mornings and 2-am bedtimes.

Last summer, as I returned home for the longest time since Summer of 2011, I figured I’d settle into a calm youth ministry internship and spend a great deal of time with friends. Again, I was very wrong. Last summer required me to get my priorities in order as I worked 2 part-time internships, prepared a fall retreat for our campus chapel workers, and began my double thesis. Now, while I am excited to once again be working for the Franciscan summer Conferences, this time I am also looking ahead to life as a college graduate and a full-time graduate student. It seems that there is always a challenge – physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual – mixed into the events of our lives.

As we approach summer once again, I am sure that I’m not the only one who is anticipating business mixed with the fun, stress with the relaxation. But St. Josemaria Escriva, in his work “Friends of God,” reminds us to “Go about your professional duties for Love’s sake. Do everything for the sake of Love and […] you will see the result in the wonders that your work produces — rich, abundant fruit, the promise of eternity!” (68)  Whether our professional duties involve caring for children or serving business clients, may we always remember to love through all that we face.

This summer, I am challenging myself to embrace life fully and do all for Love, through the drudgery of work and the fun times with friends.

Will you take up this challenge with me?

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Photo: Happy Boy, by Radoan_tanvir, April 2015, via


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