Creamy-licious Garlic Asiago Cheese Vegetable Soup (Easy GF Options)




I love playing around with recipes in the kitchen to see what I can come up with. Often I end up with big ol’ bombs (see the proof in my Friday Food Flop posts), but sometimes, sometimes I nail it, and I must say that this soup turned out really goooood, very creamy and flavorful! There’s a little chopping required, but not too much. Thankfully I’ve almost always got one of my helpers in the kitchen with me: our youngest is getting old enough to chop stuff for me (he’s almost ten now, and when he’s not chopping he’s sharing his strong opinions on this or that spice or herb that would be the perfect addition); and our teenage daughter still loves to be by my side in the kitchen, too. She and I always have a cooking show on while we get supper ready and she’ll even make entire meals for me once in a while now. I LOVE extra help, especially because I’m usually late getting started.

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