Daily Gospel Reflection for July 6, 2015



Gospel Reflections 800x800 blue outlineToday’s Gospel: Matthew 9:18-26 

Optional Memorial of Saint Maria Goretti, Virgin and Martyr

Courage is a funny thing. The official and the hemorrhaging woman had it, and they knew what to do with it! Many of us have courage, but we’re afraid to use it. Stepping out in an act of complete courage like the official or the woman is risky business. Even blanketed in grief the little girl’s father believed Jesus could bring life to his daughter. He didn’t worry that others would overhear his request and think he was nuts. The hemorrhaging woman knew society deemed her unclean, but her faith outweighed her fear, and she reached in for healing. Their trust and faith trumped everything, including public ridicule and judgment.
I often pray for courage, but I suppose I should also be praying for the strength and trust to use it. Courageous faith might mean change, ridicule, or complete and total surrender. The characters in today’s Gospel show us what blessed things can happen if we act with courageous faith. Their trust and surrender yielded amazing results. I need to be inspired by this Gospel to worry less about control and judgment and focus on the abundant blessings that come from living with courageous faith.


What are the areas of my life that require more courageous faith? What is keeping me from turning those things over with complete courage, surrender, and faith to the Father who created me and wants only what’s best for me?


Father of grace, please create in me a spirit of courageous faith. Take away my doubt and my desire to control the things in my life and replace them with the courage and conviction of the official and the hemorrhaging woman. Lord, lead me to your blessings as I live out a life of courageous faith.

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