Daily Gospel Reflection for July 12, 2015


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Today’s Gospel: Mark 6:7-13

In today’s Gospel, Jesus sends out the Twelve to the surrounding towns of Galilee, telling them to “take nothing for the journey but a walking stick.” He is challenging them to embrace poverty and learn to trust in Him. In pairs, they leave with only the clothes on their backs to exorcise, heal, and preach.

After reading about the Apostles’ heroic example in today’s Gospel, I know I don’t trust God to provide for me the way that the Apostles did.

I’d be the one saying, “Well, Jesus, I think we better bring that second tunic—just in case.”
“No, Catherine. I will provide.”
“I don’t know, Jesus. At least let us bring a little snack!”
“Catherine, trust in Me. I will provide for you.”
“How about just a little money?”

It would be very difficult for me to follow Jesus’ command in today’s Gospel. I struggle enough with my piddly Lenten sacrifices every year. I can’t even begin to imagine abandoning all of my worldly possessions and heading out with only the clothes on my back to spread the Gospel.


We hear the phrases “God will provide” and “God will not be outdone in generosity” so frequently that they have almost become cliché. Do I really believe and trust that God will provide for me—and that He will provide in abundance?


Loving Father, thank You for all of the abundant blessings You have bestowed upon me. Please give me a heart of gratitude. Forgive me for the times I have failed to trust in You. Help me to remember that all I have is Yours and that it is to be used for Your glory. May I follow the heroic example of the Twelve, trusting that You will always generously provide for me. Amen.

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