99 Ways to Teach Like the Master: A Book Review


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T.J. Burdick brings light to ways that we can teach more like Jesus did in his manual, 99 Ways to Teach Like the Master. This book goes through 99 topics that relate to Jesus and how he acted in everyday life. It starts out with how he took care of people’s essentials: food, shelter, and clothing in order to teach them better. If they were no longer in survival mode because their basic needs were not being met, they could then focus on the lessons Jesus was teaching them. The methods that Jesus used in order for his disciples to better retain information are expanded upon through Bible passages and application examples.

99WaysAloneAngled400by400 (1)As a homeschool teacher, I found that new ideas are offered through each lesson from Jesus. I was able to put myself in my student’s place in order to see my teaching style from his point of view. Reading Burdick’s book made me want to become a better teacher to my son and help him learn the way God made him to learn. I often feel that growing up in a public school formed me to be rigid in my approach to education. My son is a unique student who learns through drawing, doing, or any other hands-on type of activity.

99 Ways to Teach Like the Master is a great resource for teachers of any kind. Homeschool teachers will benefit immensely, since, as only their children are students, homeschooling is on a smaller scale. Envisioning my son from Jesus’s perspective helped me notice what his learning style is and how I can develop it further.

If you are a teacher, do you teach as you were taught or how Jesus would have? How can you change to better suit your students?

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