Daily Gospel Reflection for July 17, 2015


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Today’s Gospel: Matthew 12:1-8

To do no work on the Sabbath was a law prescribed to leave free more time to give to God. Exodus and Deuteronomy each give the instruction for no work on the Sabbath. But by the time Christ walked through the field with his apostles, there were thirty-nine different types of work forbidden. Plucking ears of corn was seen as harvesting, and crushing them was considered milling, even if these tasks were for the Sabbath meal of celebration. Where is the excitement of the Resurrection in that? Sunday is a day of celebration. Yes, it might take the toil of preparing a large, yummy meal to do so, but…it’s Sunday! Can’t you just hear Jesus and His apostles praising God as they walked through the wheat field, thanking Him for the wonderful food He had provided? And as they walked, they laughed, they sang songs, they told stories. Bottom line, they enjoyed the Sabbath as a day of celebration together as a family. Any celebration takes a little work. If your family is able to prepare everything before 5:00 pm on Saturday for the Sunday celebration, you have a really awesome family. I am actually doing well to have the food in my house by Saturday evening. Even if the Sabbath meal is a bowl of cereal because that’s just the best that could be done, celebrate it together. We stress so often over the things that, ultimately, are of no worth. If you have to run to the store on Sunday, if you have to work together to prepare the Sunday dinner (and working together is part of the celebration!) or if you are having cheese and crackers, have it with a celebratory mind and heart. Enjoy the family the Lord has given you as together you celebrate the hope of eternal life. As long as we remember to praise God for Sunday and celebrate it, it doesn’t really matter if one family does it differently than another. So next Sunday, celebrate!


Is Sunday a day of celebration in our home or just one more day of the week? What is one thing I can do to make Sunday more special than the other six days of the week?


Lord, in all things we give you glory. Please give us the joy of the Sabbath. Bring greater love, joy, and happiness to our families as together we celebrate your Resurrection each Sunday, thanking you for the gift of Your Son and the gift of His life for us so that one day we can celebrate for eternity in Heaven with You. Amen.

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