Daily Gospel Reflection for July 18, 2015


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Today’s Gospel: Matthew 12:14-21

Optional Memorial of Saint Camillus de Lellis, Priest

Optional Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Have you ever met somebody so hell-bent on something that you knew there was no breaking through into their hearts? When the Pharisees gathered to conspire against Jesus, he withdrew from that place and went to another. Those that followed him, he healed. But he warned his followers not to make him known so that the prophecy of Isaiah could be fulfilled.

A bruised reed he will not break,
a smoldering wick he will not quench,
until he brings justice to victory.

I have often wondered what those words mean. I think it means that Jesus is never going to force his way into your heart. He will come gently, so gently, in fact, that he will not break a bruised reed or quench a smoldering wick. He is meek and humble of heart. In the end, justice will be brought to victory. What patience!


Contrast Christ’s approach to your own approach when you know you are right about something and others unjustly antagonize or do not believe you. I know, in my own heart, that when I am not treated respectfully, my anger swells, my voice grows louder, my heart beats faster, and I am the exact opposite of gentleness. I often attribute it to my hot-headed Latina ways but in my heart I know it’s a complete lack of humility and patience.


King of Peace, fill me with your Spirit so that I might not sin. Make me patient and long-suffering, trusting that in the end, you will vindicate the innocent. Amen.

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  1. What a simple message to read on the birthday of my daughter as she sits in then next room having her piano lesson. I know for me, I had a reputation for calmness and patience, which began in high school and extended through most of my graduate school life and early part of my marriage.
    But life got more complicated and stress filled. Yet patience is that simple lesson (we even tell our kids) that certainly for me, as I get older, I keep letting slip.
    I used to meditate and practice mindfulness. I used to do centering prayer. But perhaps lured by “doing something different” or getting bored of “just sitting”…things slip. And much like my middle aged pot-belly, I am now struggling to get back to the “gym” to practice patience, equanimity, humility. It IS as easy as it sounds. But it is also hard.

    • Thank you Jay! Happy birthday to your daughter. Your pot belly comment really hit home! Ha ha
      It takes patience to get back on track too!

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