Sunday Brunch Specials from July 19, 2015: Great Reads from This Week



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Welcome to the Sunday Brunch! We’re serving up a buffet of articles from the past week. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and settle in to enjoy some great reads.

Unleashed Book Club

This week we’re discussing Chapter 6, “Do You Love Me?” from Unleashed, by Sonja Corbitt. Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur discusses our hidden desires, what they reveal, and how we can ask the Lord for help to both discern and carry out what He wants us to do for Him.

Laudato Si’: A Community Conversation

Last Sunday afternoon we began a community conversation on Pope Francis’s newly released encyclical On Care for Our Common Home (Laudato Si’). Join us for an eight-week conversation on this important document and our role in caring for the world around us. Look for the next installment later this afternoon!

And the People Said, “Amen”: A Witness in Charleston

Sr. Margaret reflects on the tragic events that took place in Charleston on the evening of June 17, 2015, from the vantage point of a witness.

A Rich Tapestry of Faith: How St. Kateri Rescued My Family’s Catholic Identity

As a cradle Catholic, Tiffany Walsh thought she didn’t have a dramatic conversion tale to tell. Every life of faith, however, has a story. Come find out how St. Kateri and Our Lady wove a beautiful heritage of faith for her family.

Holiness Was a Family Affair

Kimberly Cook explores the lives of Louis and Zelie Martin, parents of a saint who will themselves be canonized this fall. How can this holy couple inspire parents today?

MCAD Mama: Trusting in God When Things Go Wrong

As a parent, the “what ifs” of life often lead us to useless anxiety. Yet sometimes our fears become reality. Michele Faehnle shares how she learned to trust in God when her daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder.

Cool Food for Hot Days

Non-chef Lisa Hendey contributes a Meatless Friday recipe for “Fourth-Worthy Corn and Tortellini Salad” that’s so easy even the most kitchen-challenged cooks can prepare it!

I Read Humanae Vitae and Woke Up a Catholic Hipster

Tommy Tighe shares how reading an encyclical from 1968 led him from the cafeteria to the full banquet, and tosses out a challenge to everyone.

More Cool Food for Hot Days

Take advantage of the grilling season to make these yummy sandwiches for dinner on Meatless Friday! Barbara Stein shows you how easy it is to put together gourmet-quality sandwiches.

Book Review: Seeking Surrender

Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur shares a review of Seeking Surrender, which tells of Colette Lafia’s friendship with a Trappist monk and how she learned to accept the circumstances of her life.

A Wedding Anniversary Blessing for Your Children

Have you ever thought to bless your children on your wedding anniversary? Laura Kelly Fanucci offers a new prayer to thank God for the gift of children in marriage.

Beautiful Name, Jesus

When it is hard to pray, say the name of Jesus. Download a free art print by Celeste Zepponi and listen to a beautiful song by Margo B Smith.

More on Names: What’s in the Middle?

Kate Towne discovers that middle name practices among Catholics in America are not what she expected. What’s the custom in your family regarding middle names?

Confession of a Timid Soul

In light of recent events in our country, Susan Bailey makes a painful admission. Then, through prayer, she finds a new beginning.

Why Good Moms Make Great Leaders

Theresa Ceniccola applies the qualities of a good mom that make moms great leaders in this encouraging post. Which of your “mom skills” are also your best leadership skills?

The Unchanging God

Times change. People change. The Lord does not. Linda Bennett describes how she learned this truth by watching the sky.

5 Signs of a Successful VBS

Kelly Guest wonders if her children really had fun at their church’s vacation Bible school. How does she know if VBS was truly successful? 5 signs signal to her that it was indeed a worthwhile experience.

In Google We Trust

Today, Google provides close to every piece of information a person could need or want, but, is it enough? Bernard Toutounji discusses.

As Summer Winds Down: Finding Math in Literature

“I hate math!!!” Have you ever heard this from one of your children? Perhaps it was you yourself who you heard screeching in frustration. Maureen Wittmann shows you exactly what you need to do to find the joy in mathematics and never say you hate math again.

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