Daily Gospel Reflection for July 24, 2015


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Today’s Gospel: Matthew 13:18-23

Optional Memorial of Saint Sharbel Makhlūf, Priest

When I read this parable, I found myself thinking, “Gee, I’m glad I’m the seed that fell on good soil.” A bit Pharisaical of me, isn’t it? Then God sweetly pointed out to me that on any given day, I could be any one of these seeds. As a matter of fact, on any given day I could be all of these seeds!

Sometimes worldly distractions (social media, celebrity news, and the like) keep me from doing God’s will at that moment.

There are times when I am so worried, even anxious, about a situation in my life that I forget that God has it all under control.

I do not doubt, either, that at times, Satan tricks me into thinking something (like cleaning a messy house) is more important than another thing (taking the children to the park or the pool on a nice summer’s day). If Satan can convince me that taking care of a thing is a more valuable use of my time than attending to a person, then he has stolen me away from an opportunity to serve God in the least of His brethren.

Indeed, if I examine my conscience, I may realize that mixed in with the rich soil of my heart are some rocks, thorns, and hard paths. God, give me the grace to till!


What distractions, from the world, the flesh, or the devil, are preventing God’s Word from taking root in your heart? How can you uproot and get rid of it?


Heavenly Father, I want my heart to be a place where Your Word is always welcomed, always able to take root, always bearing fruit. Lord Jesus, please help me remove anything that may distract me from Your will for me today. Through the Holy Spirit, may I be found rich in grace. Amen.

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  1. joe Chrest on

    Thank you Kelly for taking time to remind me of the important things in life and Who should always be first-Jesus the Lord of my life
    Your Brother in Christ
    Joe Chrest

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