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Welcome to the Unleashed Book Club! We’re reading Unleashed, by Sonja Corbitt.

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Many times, I’ve picked up a book and had the experience that I was meant to read it. In recent years, as I’ve been writing reviews and participating in online book clubs that have me writing about books as I read them, I have that feeling amplified as I find myself faced with a chapter or an excerpt that screams my name.

God knows that it takes a two-by-four to get my attention. (And that’s on a good day.)

As I wandered through Unleashed, I found myself nodding in parts and wondering why the heck I was bothering in others. I was entertained and annoyed, inspired and intimidated, cajoled and stuck.

And then I read Chapter 7. My chapter to write about. The chapter written for me.

Enter two-by-four.

I was raised to love scripture, and it’s been on me for a while that, well, I’ve not been reading enough scripture or sharing enough (read as: any) of my love and knowledge of scripture with my kids. Oh, I can give you a list of excuses, reasons, and alphabetized tasks. I can make a case that would stand up to any criticism…except the criticism of my heart.

Because I know. I know the power of stories. I know the capital-T Truth in that library of books of the Bible. I know that God speaks through his Word.


But I’m not acting like I know.

In this chapter, Corbitt reminded me, in a very practical and smack-your-face way, that I know better.

She also highlighted, in a tangible tattoo-it-on-my-forehead-so-I-don’t-forget way, the importance of silence. Not quiet, mind you, but silence:

Only silence produces the quality of listening. Did you know that silent and listen are the same word with the letters in a different order? We live in a world polluted with noise. We pollute our own homes and lives with noise. How will we ever hear God speak if we cannot be silent?

I need to spend the time with God’s Word so that I can really hear him. I need to still myself and let him be the sound. I need to open myself to listening, so that I can want what he wants and pursue the holiness I know he has in mind for me.

To Ponder, Reflect, and Discuss:

  1. How can you begin spending time with scripture today? Take your first small step, and make a plan so that you can keep going!
  2. What’s keeping you from spending time with God’s Word each day?
  3. When can you share scripture with your family? Who can you ask to help you, if you don’t feel confident?

Feel free to comment on your own thoughts from this week’s reading, your impressions and reflections, and/or your answers to these questions.

Next week, we’ll cover Chapter 8. For the complete reading schedule and information about our Book Club, visit the Unleashed Book Club page.

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  1. I’d love to leave some great comment here but all I need to say to Sarah’s comments is “DITTO”!

  2. , just as Sonja Corbitt mention my desire feel TOO BIG. For me
    so I back off & say this can’t be for me ?
    Making that time to be still relax and allow God too speake sometimes seems so hard with out distractions . ( silent &. Listening is the key)

    You comment. Sarah is great can’t say enough

  3. It’s kind of funny. I used to be all about sharing lively scripture-based activities with my kids, but my prayer life was scattered and unreliable. Since I’ve developed the discipline to do Lauds & Vespers, waking early to do so in silence, I seem to have dropped off on the scripture-with-the-kids thing. That’s counterintuitive, innit? Thanks for the reminder to make sure to share the fruits of contemplation with my domestic church.

  4. When I was 11-17 years old, I’d spend a few weeks each summer with my dear friends in Tennessee. By the time I’d get up (around 7 or 8), the Mom and Dad would both be sitting at the kitchen table, with coffee, reading the Bible and praying. They are so wise. I thought then, that I would do that when I got older…but, did it happen? No. =( I used to be such an early bird and loved it, but then I had 4 boys and all the night-time nursings and co-sleeping and other kids up with nightmares took its toll. Now the youngest is 1, and the others still have night-terrors at times, but I’m just now, 10 years later, just barely at the point where I can even begin to think about having personal Bible & prayer time in the morning. Even then, it likely will get interrupted, cut short, etc. I know she said “guard” that time, but goodness, sometimes I have to break up fights! So, I’m wondering what I can do. I have been reading the Compline Night reading sometimes before bed on my phone. It would be lovely to go sit out on my deck these early summer mornings and read, but I am afraid they will get cut short by nursing baby waking and then I will get frustrated. So, I don’t know. For the past 10 years, I’ve been telling myself that I’m not in that season. That when my kids are a tiny bit older and sleep a little longer, I’ll be able to have my personal morning prayer time. For now, I will squeeze it in whenever I can. Usually in the afternoon I take quiet time on the couch and the kids know it’s my quiet time and to go do something quiet or nap. Oftentimes, I’m reading the Laudate app on my phone while nursing the youngest, which doesn’t seem like much of a treat, but it is better than nothing.

    I have been sneaking away to Mass & adoration a few Saturdays a month, which has been awesome!!! Anyways, I’m so appreciating this book and how it challenges me and encourages me.

    • I am wondering how old the couple’s children were at the time they had morning prayer together with their Bibles.

      The younger our children are, and the more of them we have, the harder any discipline for anything is. I mean, I remember getting a shower was hard some days. Maybe two minutes on the Laudate app is all we can manage, but doing it at the same time every day is still helpful, not just for our spiritual lives, but also for the routine it offers. The main thing, I think, is to do what we can without guilt, knowing “there is a time to every season.”

    • I think you are doing great! It seems that even though it might not be much time (and summer mornings by yourself are awesome!) you are doing what you can do in this season. Your kids know Mom prays and I really do think that is the most important thing.

  5. Sarah, I, too, loved the analogy Sonja used about the pollution of noise. It really resonated with me, as well. I had to chuckle when you wrote that some chapters had you nodding, while others left you scratching your head. I felt the same way, yet the parts that really struck me were things I KNEW God was speaking directly to my heart, so I had to journal the phrases and sentences that jumped off of the page for me.

    • I would love to know the parts that left you wondering or annoyed. I think all that would be as insightful as what you guys found helpful.

  6. I just know realize my post from Ch. 6. Oop’s.
    Today I got caugh up . I listen too my heart and not my mind things I really want to do right know.
    You see I am on vacation on a cruise . We have just in bark on Key west, my son & husband went too do those guy things. And I was ok with shopping the market ( maybe fine some real good deals or treasures )however as I headed back to my room it had been clean up with the curtains open looking straight at the deck,over the ocean Then I felt a tug “” marina the market can wait come set a while with me you are alone ( are you going to waste it ? Or take advantage of it) honestly I was trying to say ok I will give you time lord but let me just run over the other side of the ship just see the market. But then . I remember my last post . Ok God I really don’t lack for anything other than what may behold my eye’s at the market that I must have ? No I really don’t needed too look right know. I stead read all ch.7 the first vs I look at Mattew12:42 Very first verse I love that and I also have it highlighted and written down in my journal . And so many others but just know realize that I wrote them down for a reason somethi g the Lord wants to teach me learn from him , learn his voice ! I have come across this vs so may times? And others Psalm 23: he restores my soul. ” And so many others that I have pounder on . Then lose my way again . But everything Sonja C. Had been saying is true Reading the scriptures I have done a lot of bible studies 80% evangelical . But the one good thing I got out of it was learning how to pick up my bible and learn through BS how to use it.
    But know Sonja C. has gone deeper into the word of God and I don’t want too miss out what she had to share in this Ch. is what I was missing. Ok quite time I found it wasn’t that hard too look for , it’s the flesh I struggle .
    Also,page #125 Sonja C. writes 2nd. Paragraph so many catholic women …..) so ture. I really notice this when our son attended catholic school. I sat next women @ a catholic BS listening so hard taking notes while the others talk. I ask if she own a bible & if she answer has a bible never reads it but know that all 5 of her kids are in catholic school (they no more than her) and wanted to lean just like her children.
    I explained how God still speake to us through scriptures .”her response was he can speake too me ? She started taking notes I recommend daily readings since this was so knew to her and didn’t want her to open the first book of the bible & start from there. If that’s just one there are more out there .
    We are just a handful of women sharing what we know through your own studdies.

    I read your comment’s & blog’ and think how warmly you have allowed me in to share. With out a blog or even a Facebook account . Trying to get it right on discerning God’s voice most of you already have , but with a deeper meaning Sonja reach out her hands and touch us all to think more deeply b/c all of us I believe can identify with UNLEASHED.

    Things we knew God was already teaching us but know we are learning too hear a bit more clairly.

  7. I have to admit that I too struggle with just opening up the Bible and reading. I need more direction and guidance. The Bible is no ordinary book, although the books are laid oit chronologically, you can’t really read it from cover to cover like any other book. And, while there are many parts of the Bible I love and relate to, there are many parts that leave me utterly confused. Especially some of the traditions and way of thinking in the Old testament.

    I used to think of the Bible like a dictionary that I could flip through the pages and find answers spelled out clearly. Now, it’s more like a code that I have to try and decipher to find the keys to life’s great mysteries. Which can be “fun” but isn’t really easy to just pick up and do.

    • Ha! My upcoming Ignite study addresses the “how do I read and study this weird book” issue, and the Soul of the World study explains our Catholic traditions in light of the Old Testament tabernacle (available on my site): why we have and teach an institutional priesthood, Eucharist, purgatory, sacraments, Magisterium, incense, Mary… :))

  8. Erika Marie
    The Soul is a great study This also help me explain to my non catholic. Friends why we have the Priesthood I bought it 2012 . Still go back too it from time to time .

  9. I really have loved reading this book! I grew up in a house where there might have a bible even though we always went to mass. I actually love it when I read it, but I haven’t been very consistent. I also, never considered the daily readings as such a community event, but I love the thought of the holy spirit speaking to the entire church through the same scripture.
    This book inspired me to make sure all my kids had a bible they liked and covers to store everything. I also made sure to show them mine and all the writing in it. They were a little surprised you were allowed to write in a bible – so it is clear we need to talk about this more in our house.

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