Daily Gospel Reflection for July 26, 2015


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Today’s Gospel: John 6:1-15

Today, we read in John’s gospel of the amazing miracle of the multiplication of loaves. This is one of the few accounts of Jesus’s life that is told in all four gospels. John adds some additional detail to his telling of the miracle, including Philip’s testing by Jesus and Andrew’s finding of a boy with five loaves and two fish – surely not enough to feed a crowd of five thousand!

But in Christ, all things are possible. The miracle plays out, a foreshadowing of the true miracle we will experience at Mass today when we receive Christ – truly present – in the Eucharist.

That day on the mountain, Jesus sated the physical hunger of thousands, providing so well that a bounty was left over.

Each and every day, God feeds our souls with a rich love that fills us to the overflowing point. How we give to those around us from our “fully fed” hearts is ours to choose.

Just as Jesus came, fed, and served and then withdrew from the crowd’s admiration, let us seek to feed the world around us so greatly in need of his love. But let’s do so not out of a desire for glory or recognition, but simply to continually share the miracle of God’s love.


How are you “fed” by the gospel and the Eucharist?


Truly, Lord, you are the prophet. You have come into the world to save me. May my heart feast in your love. May I share my love for you with all I meet.

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  1. Leticia perez on

    Father Dominic of EWTN , homily this week is very inspiring and guiding to listeners . He is one of the best , he is fulfilling his responsibilities to the people. He is not afraid to say , what he is suppose to say and guide the people . There is a lot of substance , that has sink in its people souls, I am one of them. Father Dominic you are in our prayers. Thank you so much for your homily!!!

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