Question of the Week: July 28, 2015


QOW for FI

Lisa and I spent part of last week at the Catholic Writers Guild Conference, meeting many contributors and other authors whose work we admire.

Because of that, I’ve got books on the brain this week! So here’s a question for all of you:

What’s your favorite fiction work by a Catholic author?

You’re allowed to list more than one if you can’t narrow it down. I sure won’t be able to!

Please share your answers and experiences in the comment box below.


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  1. My favorite work of Catholic Fiction is Father Elijah by Michael O’Brien. I greatly enjoy all of his books.

  2. You are right about having too many books to list. My book list is on Goodreads because I am not able to narrow it down. My reading ranges from Canticle of Leibowitz to Dune, Walker Percy to Tolstoy. I read YA because I am writing YA. I am always looking for mystery stories that take place in or around bookstores and books.

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