The War Room movie: Because Prayer is a Powerful Weapon

But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.
Matthew, 6:6
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Can I tell you how happy I am to share with you details of a  <truly> life changing, soon-to-be-released movie? Provident Films and Affirm Films  of Moms’ Night Out, When the Game Stands Tall,  Courageous, Facing the Giants and Fireproof have done it again. In fact, I frankly think, impossible though it seems, that  this  time, they outdid the impact, the message, the power, of their previous projects. Really. Before I start discussing The War Room, this latest production,  I must offer to you this clip, which is part interview,  part trailer, part inspiration, which includes several of The War Room actors,  as well as the Kendrick brothers, themselves, providing a bit of background on the project and how it came to be:

One of the many wonderful opportunities that comes with the blogging life is the chance to preview brand-new media in the way of book titles, educational resources and even major motion pictures.

Recently, I was privileged, along with one of my kids, who was happily untethered to a sports schedule that evening, to see a preview  of The War Room at a somewhat-local multiplex.   If the Kendricks’ name is attached, you know you’re in for more than just 90 minutes of entertainment in the form of likable characters, a few  laughs and a mild sprinkling of depth.

You just know you’re leaving that theater after spending time with The Wow Factor. You know you’ll be challenged. You know you’ll ask yourself on the drive home how a movie could compel you to be better, to be more…to change your way of looking at a certain life situation.

And that night, walking out of The War Room‘s preview theater, all of our expectations were met…and exceeded. My son and I were speechless, processing the characters we got to know and like, their struggles, their pain, their triumphs and their roads remaining to be trodden once the credits rolled.

We cheered them as they turned to the Lord to beg forgiveness, patience, mercy. We identified when the Lord provided, but in ways unasked-for.

We wished we were real-life friends with Tony and Elizabeth Jordan, whose marriage is crumbling before our eyes and who eventually turn to God for strength and for the ability to regain their love for one another.

We were awed by the motivational, clever qualities  of Miss Clara, who, throughout the movie, expresses the need for prayer “strategy,” as one would plan for finances, for education.
Let me show you exactly what I mean~~enjoy this trailer~~

It was a true pleasure and honor to preview The War Room and I’d like to thank Tristar and Provident Films for the opportunity.

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And friends, I know you and I know you’ll be  anxious for The War Room experience. Well, you’re in luck because Tristar  Pictures and Provident Films have compiled a  state by state listing so that you can plan right now to bring your family to this amazing movie on opening weekend, August 28:
Click here for locations and even for advance ticket sales
If you don’t see a nearby city on the list, you can even contact the producers right  here to find out how to bring The War Room to a location near you and inquire about group sales for your family, friends and church organizations.
Sounds great, doesn’t it?
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  1. I was able to preview the movie as well! It was amazing, and has completely changed and challenged my prayer life. I’m hoping to encourage many of the church groups I’m a part of to go see the movie. And the more people that go opening weekend, the more movies like this they are able to make. I talked with one of the producers at the preview and she mentioned they had planned to make a Moms Night Out 2, but opening weekend wasn’t big enough so they had to can it. So PLEASE go see it and bring everyone you can because it’s an amazing movie just like Christine said, and we want more movies like this one!!

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