5 Tips for Moving Into A New Season


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Summer is quickly coming to an end and I do not know about you, but as each new season comes I feel like I need to take some time to plan and re-evaluate what our goals and intentions are moving into something new. Here are my top 5 tips for moving into a new season!

  1. Pray: Most importantly take some time to pray and see where God is leading you. Have you been giving enough time to your faith life? What have you been doing well or what is one thing that you might want to add to connect more with God? Is the Holy Spirit leading you to do something new or back off and slow down? Really pause and listen before moving onto the next steps.
  2. Create Top Goals: Make a few top goals for yourself individually, with your spouse and with your children for each season. Do you have time and want to join a new book club or start a ladies night out with good friends? Plan a special date night for you and your spouse and maybe even a weekend away. What are the top things that your children love to do in the upcoming season that you do not want to miss? Do they love the apple orchard, the pumpkin patch, or going on a nature walk? Make sure to put those on the calendar now so they are not missed!
  3. Create Household Goals: Start small and look for a few rooms to focus on and deep clean. Have your spouse and children help purge items that have not been used to donate to those in need. Any goals for remodeling or big household projects? Try to plan for them now so they do not sneak up on you unexpectedly.
  4. Do Not Overcommit: Do not be afraid to say no to a new task or to kindly resign from any positions that might be taking too much time away from you and your family. You can always add something later if you really feel like you have extra time that you are being called to serve elsewhere.
  5. Be Flexible and Have Fun: Sometimes we create great plans and life simply gets in the way. Make sure to be flexible and allow for any life changes. If things are getting stressful, just step back and try to have fun!

Ponder: What is God asking of you as you are moving into Autumn with your family? What stressors can you leave aside and how can you use this time to draw yourself, your marriage and your family closer to Him?


Copyright 2015 Nicole Ernest.
Photo copyright 2015 Nicole Ernest. All rights reserved.



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  1. Thank you for this, Nicole! I’m both excited and nervous about the new season coming up , not just weather-wise but with school starting and everything new that blows in with these new winds. Your tips are very helpful and I’ll keep them in mind!

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