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This question comes from reader Edelle, who emailed us to ask:
At my parish, we are looking into starting a Sunday school, a weekly faith formation program for young kids in our parish. I once attended a mass with a similar program. The children were taken to a classroom sometime during mass for activities related to the Sunday Gospel. We’re not too sure of the mechanics of this program though–what age group, what part of mass they leave, when they come back. If your parish has a program like this, could you explain the specifics of how such a program would work?

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  1. When I was DRE at Our Lady of Fatima, we had children’s Liturgy of the Word. At first I was not thrilled with the idea of children leaving Mass; however, in time, I realized the benefit and blessings that came from it both for the children and parents.

    This is how we did it. After the opening prayer, Father would call the children forward. He would bless them and send them out. The musician played softly as we processed out, one child to whom handed the children’s liturgy book leading the way.

    Once in the room, one of the children read the Old Testament reading, another the psalm and another the New Testament reading. An adult read the Gospel and explained it to them with a message appropriate for them. We gave them children’s worship bulletins. Usually, soon after, it was time to go. If we had time, we did general intersession, allowing the children to offer up their own intentions to which we all would respond, “Lord, hear our prayer.”

    We had someone (an usher) come tell us when the creed was finished. That’s when we would wrap things up and quietly head back to the church. The children filtered in quietly during the collection. It worked for us. We welcomed pre-k to 5th grade. Hope this helps.

  2. I do pretty much what Kelly described in my current parish. We do use a book with approved readings for children. The book has questions for the leaders to ask the children and background for the leaders as well. We have the children gather at the altar rail after the creed and return to parents after the sign of peace. It can be effective with good leaders.

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