Sunday Brunch Specials for August 30, 2015: Great Reads from This Week


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Welcome to the Sunday Brunch! We’re serving up a buffet of articles from the past week. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and settle in to enjoy some great reads.

Small Success: Hold the Bells and Whistles

What small successes are you celebrating this week? Join the fun and get some encouragement, too! Sherry Antonetti hosts this fun weekly feature.

Get Healthy! Forming a Tech Tribe to Find & Keep Better Physical & Spiritual Health

Lisa Hendey invites you to join a “tech tribe” to support a mutual path to emotional and physical wellbeing. Feel free to comment on your own journey and please send prayers!

5 Saints to Call On When Your Parent Needs Parenting

As her relationship with her mother has shifted over the years, Rakhi McCormick admits that she has not handled the transitions with grace. Here she shares her struggles and five Saints who are helping her to embrace the new dynamics of an adult relationship with her mother.

I Have More to Say

David and Mercedes Rizzo share how trying to communicate with pictures helped them relate to their nonverbal daughter.

The Queen of Heaven and a Little Princess

St. Monica: Everybody’s Supermom

Can You Just Look Up?

If by chance you have a child who, depending on the day, isn’t that excited to get dressed and wants to stay in their pajamas at home, maybe you can relate to Courtney Vallejo’s situation. How do you gently encourage your children to engage in Mass when they’d rather be doing anything else but that?

Meatless Friday: Shrimp and Okra Gumbo

Tech Talk: Is the use of technology appropriate during Adoration?

When Communion is Like Sex Outside of Marriage

Patti Maguire-Armstrong was offered communion from an Evangelical minister at a prayer gathering. She knew why non-Catholics could not receive the Eucharist at a Catholic Church, but what about the reverse?

Righteousness: Blessed Are You Blog Tour with Melanie Rigney

Lisa Hendey invites you along for a stop on Melanie Rigney’s blog tour for her new book Blessed Are You; Finding Inspiration From Our Sisters in Faith. Today, we consider “righteousness” and meet four female spiritual giants whose lives serve as a model for this beatitude.

Beer, Birthdays and Butt Paste

María de Lourdes Ruiz Scaperlanda faces the beginning of a new school year and her own birthday and is overwhelmed by it all. See how she comes to terms with the weight of change.

There are no coincidences…even on vacation

Question of the Week

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