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Hi there friends…thanks for visiting today for some book talk!

I’ve been reading a captivating new title which I’m eager to share with you. Of course when you’ve found new lit you can’t wait to pick and cannot put down, you must share with your friends, amIright?

Isn’t  the brilliant thing about homeschooling the opportunity to carve time into your day for just such can’t wait endeavors as that craft, that movie or that book?

angels of abbey creek coverWell, The Angels of Abbey Creek is that rare drop-everything-I-must-read-the-next-chapter book!

It’s wonderful and refreshing and brimming with characters I wish I knew ‘in real life’ as well as situations that are unique to this particular family, yet familiar.

The Angels of Abbey Creek is adorable; it’s gripping and it’s fun. I’d been dying to get my hands on it since its publication last year and finally ordering a copy as a gift to myself, I couldn’t wait for it to arrive.

Can I tell you…when the package was finally delivered,

Was. I.  Excited.

After bringing in all the mail and settling in the den, I tore into the envelope, once I realized that this book was finally here!

I just began to read to whomever was in the room at the time. Which happened to be one son and my hubby—and they gradually sat, listened and well, wanted more when I got to the end of chapter  one!

We literally laughed out loud at Mr Angel’s antics; we pictured ourselves in the Angels’ kitchen as Kate creates a special dessert and Mum roasts a chicken; we felt a part of the family.

Although I did have to restrain myself from devouring too much of this gem too soon. Can’t finish it off tooooo quickly, now can we?? Unless of course there’s a sequel on the horizon…….. hear that, Sue?

Or even better…..  a series?! Now wouldn’t that be w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l!? Yes indeed…..

I was introduced to The Angel family by my dear friend, their creator, author Sue Elvis. And while I wait for that sequel…ahem…I’ll be content to read brand new and of course, archived posts over at Sue’s blogs, Sue Elvis Writes and Stories of an Unschooling Family.

So …the Angels~ they’re Mum, Dad, Edward, Kate, Joe, Celeste, Lizzie and Annie. They live on the outskirts of a lovely village under shady gum trees, on the shores of Abbey Creek. Throughout the story, we’re treated to  the Angels’ adventures…the happy, the sad, the everyday, the extraordinary: Dad’s, Edward’s and Joe’s involvement in the parish Passion Play which touched us and yet caused us to burst out laughing at Annie’s shenanigans; a leisurely and memorable vacation  to Palm Tree Beach, preceded by a stressful, long drive and followed by a lovely scrapbook creation; Celeste’s communion dress debacle, handled lovingly by Mum and Nanna; a frightening bush fire; a roller coaster of emotions around Jeremy, Poppy, Wilbur and Hercules, the family pets…and oh, so much more.

A Catholic home educated  family, much of the Angels’ year is celebrated, as you might surmise, around liturgical seasons, sacraments and feast days. Yet, the family’s adventures are universal, really.

The close, realistic bond shared by family members is so so evident throughout, during so much of he story, but to me, it is especially palpable during  the passion play’s ups and downs, Mum’s reaction to all that day entailed and during Mum’s “terrible day.”

We also get acquainted with many family members, neighbors and friends, including Father Brown, a warm and approachable priest who introduces Dad and the boys to camping in the bush! And what an exploit was that!

The Angels are a funny, real, brilliant family– I really mean that–and it was a true pleasure to immerse in their lives on the outskirts of the Australian bush.

Throughout each vignette, Sue’s singular and unique voice weaves the ordinary and the extraordinary and caused the pages to keep turning, turning!

I seriously want more of the Angels on my bookshelf.

Sue, thank you for the literary treat.

It’s been refreshing, fun and unique.

I have to admit, I’ve been savoring the last chapter but I can no longer wait to read on to the end of the Angels’ year!

And by the way, you need to head to Sue’s blogs, not only to soak up her writing style, but go for the adorable pictures of her kids reading Angels!

I just know you will enjoy The Angels’ stories as much as we have!

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