Celebrate Your Blessed Mother's Birthday--September 8th

Simple--but delicious!

Simple–but delicious! (Photo courtesy of CatholicFamilyCelebrations.com. All rights reserved.)

I like any occasion which brings the Blessed Mother more into our lives, and what better occasion than a birthday!

We celebrate our earthly mother’s birthday, so why not our mother in heaven?

Make one of your favorite cakes for the celebration. (Or even that box mix that has been on the shelf for awhile.) We don’t sing or blow out candles, although if I had all young ones I certainly would. We just enjoy our cake for dessert, remembering how much we love our mother in heaven and how much she loves us.

The Blessed Mother loves to hear the rosary—this would make a great birthday gift!


Copyright 2015 Tami Kiser.
Photo courtesy of CatholicFamilyCelebrations.com. All rights reserved.



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