CM Hangout #1: Back to School Basics


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Hangout with Erika, Lisa and Sarah as we introduce’s latest project “CM Hangouts”. Our topic for today is “Back to School” survival strategies, mishaps, tips and more. Find the prayer Erika shared at

hangout_720x340You’re invited to be a part of this show. In our “Test Run” episode, recorded this week, we invite you to the conversation:

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  1. Great back-to-school discussion, everyone! I wanted to share the homework rule that’s been effect in my house: “it’s not done until it’s packed.” One of my kids used to DO the homework but always left it at home!
    Also, I’m feeling like I seriously missed the boat on that lunch-packing plan. I only have one to pack for right now, and he’s 13, so I might need to give him some more of the ownership of that task 🙂

    • I love your homework rule, Barb! I have found that with some of my kids, I have to remind them to put it back in their backpack when they are finished, too.

      As for lunches, I often make them, but I have one daughter who actually likes to make lunches, so she usually helps me or even does it on her own. She amazes me, because at 10, I didn’t make my own lunch, and here she is making not only hers but her siblings’ lunches, too!

  2. I completely agree on the “not done until it’s packed” rule, Barb! That’s part of our routine as well for the same reason as yours.
    Like I said, I used to make their lunches, and do still help as needed. It was around the time our 4th son was born (which I remember now was the day of my second child’s first day of Kindergarten) that I realized I just couldn’t do everything. So that’s about the time I started having the kids do more because I simply couldn’t. And then they got used to it so I figured why stop them if it’s working? 😉

  3. I watched most of the hangout; then I had to leave for an appt. it was fun to see and hear people you usually just read.
    Every time Lisa said “older mom” I nodded my head. But then I thought, we are not older, it’s just our kids who are older, right? I’m sticking to that story! Looking forward to more hangouts 🙂

    • Thanks for tuning in, Deanna! I really appreciate the “older mom” perspective. It helps me take a deep breath and cherish these moments. Even now that I almost have a teenager in the house, the reality that there will be an end to all of the lunches and homework and craziness has set in a bit more, and I am just so grateful for each phase — even the phase that I experienced this morning: my preschooler kicking and screaming as I dropped him off at school 😉

  4. I’m binge listening tonight, since I’m diving in tomorrow…great show, ladies, and I took some notes! Great discussion and I may or may not need some video “here’s how I get my kids to pack their own lunches” tips… 🙂

    Thanks y’all! Can’t wait to listen to #2!

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