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There are some cases in which the sheer comprehensiveness of a mobile app can be both surprising and a blessing. This is definitely the case with iPieta, an older but extremely informative app by iVerbum for both iOS and Android devices.

The overall layout of iPieta is fairly simple. A long (very long) list of prayers, novenas, and consecrations can be scrolled up and down on the left side of the screen, while a somewhat description set of categories on the right hand side allows a user to jump to whatever section of information they are looking for. Each prayer or other entry can be bookmarked, giving a user fast and easy access to their favorites. There are also a series of free add-ons which further expand the functionality of the app. iPieta’s navigation is fairly straightforward, uncomplicated, and even a bit clunky.

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Droid Apps Cell Phone by Carlssa Rogers, CC, via Flickr

That being said, navigation is not the important part of the iPieta app. Where iPieta truly excels is in its vast store of information. This app contains a full Bible, daily readings, Church council documents, writings of the Early Fathers, a list of the popes, and a veritable encyclopedia of prayers and consecrations. There is even a version of the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the prayers section! Simply put, the vast amount of information in this app is more than enough for anyone, from the person just dipping their toe into the waters of their faith to theologians who study the Church for a living. To get a full sense of the available content there is a full list on the iVerbum website:

Remember, that is only the BASE content; there are additional free add-ons which add even more to the base app and the best part is, a majority of the content doesn’t require an internet connection. That means discovering new prayers or information can happen no matter where a user is. They are never without this vast tome of knowledge at their side.

The other great news is that while iPieta was a paid application for a time, it is currently listed as FREE in both the Apple, and Google Play stores!

What reason is there not to discover new prayers or to learn more about one’s faith, when a resource like iPieta is available?

iPieta for iOS
iPieta for Android

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Image: Droid Apps Cell Phone by Carlssa Rogers, CC, via Flickr


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