Question of the Week: September 22, 2015


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Help a reader out! We received the following question via email:

Could you possibly tell me where I could go to talk about my three teenagers ages 13 (boy), 14 (girl) and 16 (boy), with the 16-year-old becoming most anti-Catholic? Any ideas where I can go for help because he’s poisoning the other two younger ones and they’re causing very much dissension in our home, mainly with me the mom.

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  1. Hello! First of all, take a deep breath. Teenagers test boundaries and it doesn’t mean that what they’re thinking and feeling is permanent. I think how you tackle it, depends on the personality of your teenager. Is there a dad in the picture? Boys learn best from other men, so I would try to find a good youth group leader or Catholic dad who is willing to chat with him and lead him.

    I like the Decision Point program by Matthew Kelly at It’s not super deep or thorough but it’s modern and colorful and I think it can be a great way to grab a young person who feels like Catholicism is really out of date.

    Lastly, it’s good to question things. You want your kids to own their religious beliefs. So I would want to know how he is dissenting and how are you responding? The things about Catholicism is that it’s really provable. It’s very logical. So I wouldn’t force him to believe but rather get him to answer his own questions. If he does’t think Catholicism is right or real, why not? Again, I think these questions should be asked by a theological man who can lead him but if that’s not a possibility, I would lean on some good Catholic books or a youth website like

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