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tech talk redesignFollowing the battles of Nathan Drake have been interesting thus far. He started by looking for Sir. Francis Drake, and found him. He searched for Shangri-La, and had to blow it up. And now, he’s looking for a hidden oasis in the middle of the desert. How can this possibly go wrong?

uncharted 3 drakes deceptionGenre

Action Platformer




Tomb raider, Nathan Drake, has always been about proving that he is descended from Francis Drake. In this game, Drake has to pull together all of his sidekicks from every game to find out the great explorer’s last secret.



Don’t get me wrong, the shooting mechanics of this game are fun. They really are. The fistfighting leaves much to be desired. Every hand to hand combat experience is like a mini-quicktime event, and if you don’t do exactly as they want, you will fail. Again. And again. And again.

Also, it’s annoying that every time they expand the type of guns, you are only limited to two weapons: a handgun or a two-handed weapon (machinegun, RPG, etc).

The running and jumping sections finally feel as though they are the equal of the last Tomb Raider game with Lara Croft. However, unlike Lady Croft, Drak has all the grace of a water buffalo.


You remember the last two reviews of Uncharted games? Exactly that, with this new fisticuff mechanic for these forced segments.

In fact, want to hear about forced? Force slow walk segments where people are just talking. It could have been a cut scene, but noooooo, they had to make you walk it.

Yes, there’s a lot of tedium here.


The music is … solid. Does it carry the game? Not really. But it helps.

The graphics are finally stunning.


Continued use of the word s**t. Not a lot, but it’s the only cussing involved, so it makes me wonder why anyone put it in. It’s very much a matter of “why?”


I think there is one, but I honestly didn’t notice.

Addiction Danger

Play it once. Be done with it.

Problems/Ending Comments

Again, too much tedium.

ESRB Rating:   M For Mature, for “Blood and Gore, Intense Violence.”

My Rating: 7/10.  R. For those people who want to complete the story of Nathan Drake? Go for it. There are worse uses for your money.


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