Sunday Brunch Specials for September 27, 2015: Great Reads from This Week


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Welcome to the Sunday Brunch! We’re serving up a buffet of articles from the past week. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and settle in to enjoy some great reads.

World Meeting of Families: The Christ Child in My Home

Erin McCole-Cupp’s children bickered on the way to the World Meeting of Families, but at the Mass she received consolation and inspiration.

 The pope through rose-colored glasses?

As she prepares for a trip to Philadelphia to cover the World Meeting of Families and welcome Pope Francis, Roxane B. Salonen reflects on what this chance to meet and hear from the vicar of Christ means to her.

Mommy, Mommy, When You Pray

Kimberly Cook’s new children’s book, published through Catholic Word, will be available at the World Meeting of Families! Read about her inspiration for this exciting project.

 Three Ways Bishop Barron Blew My Mind at World Meeting of Families

Erin McCole-Cupp reflects upon her top 3 quotes from Bishop Robert Barron’s keynote address at the World Meeting of Families.

 Eucharist at the Core of our Families

 At the World Meeting of Families, Lisa Hendey read from the chapter she wrote for Liguori Publications’ new book, Family, the Church and the Real World. Here’s an excerpt from that chapter.

CM Hangout Ep #3 “Families with Autism & World Meeting of Families”

Join us for the latest episode of CM Hangout, our new audio and video podcast. This week, we chat about Families with Special Needs and the World Meeting of Families! Use #CMHangout to share your feedback.

Family First: Why I’m Not at the World Meeting of Families

Barb Szyszkiewicz wishes she could attend the World Meeting of Families, but it’s just not her turn. Her own family needs her more.

Fall Family Fun: Stargazing

Looking for new ideas for fall family traditions? Abbey Dupuy shares one of her family’s favorites and some stargazing basics for families.

Rebel in the Real World: A Millennial’s Witness

How often do you tell your kid to be a rebel?  Rebecca Willen shares a Millennial’s perspective on living the Faith in the “real world.”

Squeezing In a Daily Rosary: Tips for Busy Moms

Does praying a daily Rosary seem like an impossible feat? Charisse Tierney offers some tips and inspiration for getting it done.

5 Inspiring Quotes for Mothers {Taken from Catholic Saints}

Tina Santiago Rodriguez shares 5 inspiring quotes for mothers, taking inspiration from some of her favorite Catholic saints.

Drowning in Busyness

Erika Marie observes that in the swirl of our constant activities, we end up losing sight of ourselves, our children, our spouses – even God. We become so focused on what we are doing, we completely forget the why and the who that matters most.

Prayer and Padre Pio

Colleen Spiro shares the stress of her recent move and how St. Padre Pio reminds her that worry is useless. And prayer is always the answer.

Serve Thy-self

A silly, small-minded and totally self-serving post on the deeply intimate journey of overcoming personal fears and limitations. Gina Felter invites you to step out beyond yourself and trust in His plan as an act of living out that child like faith we are called to. A faith that transcends and transforms any earthly limitations.

Question of the Week

Our Question of the Week comes from a reader seeking advice on dealing with teenagers who have turned against the Faith and are influencing younger siblings.

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