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tech talk redesignYou’ve spent hours (days!) working on your items to sell, taking beautiful photos in just the right light, and promoting them through mainstream media channels. BING! Notification arrives that your item has sold. Time to relax as the work is done, right? Maybe not.

With the move in today’s culture away from the mass produced and to the handmade, a personal touch throughout the buyers experience is key. Shipping a beautiful item in an old, reused packaging envelope covered in duct tape immediately detracts from the item inside the package – regardless of how perfectly made that item may be.

Small Business Strategies LogoHere are a few tips on packaging for success:

  1. Think Layers: Start from the outside and work your way in. Think of the package as layers – what is the very first impression you want your buyer to have when they receive your package in the mail? Using simple brown paper wrapping and clear tape – and not reusing old, dirty envelopes or grocery store bags – provides a clean base for your packaging.
  2. Wrap Your Items: Now for the item you’ve sold. Wrapping items brings back fond memories of receiving gifts wrapped in traditional wrapping paper – and, whether the item is for the buyer or another person – gift wrapping the item is a great way to go. See the photo below; you can wrap in an additional layer of brown paper like Cristina of Handmaid Embroidery, in tissue paper like my quilts, or any other medium you choose. Include your brand if you have one; you can purchase branded ribbon at a very low price from many online sellers. Combo Packaging
  3. Instructions for Use: Is there special care need for your gift? Instead of leaving the buyer to wonder how to clean, hang, wash, etc. your item, include a note with the relevant information. This is another opportunity to give it that personal touch; I include a color catcher along with the instructions for care (and a branded sticker on the bag) so buyers will know how to care for their liturgical quilts.
    Jen Personalization
  4. Include a Small Token Gift: Unexpected items – no matter how small – included with the purchase always bring a smile to the buyer’s face.  Cristina includes a small handmade soap with each embroidery item she sells; this extra gift costs little but helps bring back repeat customers.
    Cristina Soap
  5. Thank You: Don’t forget how far a simple “thank you” goes. Thank your customer for purchasing your item. Buyers today have SO many different options when it comes to making a purchase, and thanking them for choosing to shop with you lets them know how appreciative you are!
    Jen FInal Packet

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