Three Tips for Teaching Children How to Pray


There is always so much being said about soccer moms, band moms, and various other family/children things that moms get credit for doing. One of the things that moms do not seem to get enough credit for what they do is being a Christian mom. Moms have so much to that is expected of them; the basics of cooking, cleaning, taking care of the house, and working. Along with these also come teaching the manners, respect, doing chores, and how to act in public. Another crucial character-shaping activity that mothers are tasked with is teaching their children how to say their prayers before turning in.

What is the proper way to teach a child to pray? Here are a few tips for helping your child develop a closer relationship with God:

  • Lead by example.

The first thing, and probably the most important way for a child to learn, is for the child to hear their parents praying. Children often learn best by observing examples and they often enjoy copying what their parents do. It needs to be taught that praying to God is as simple as just talking to Mom and Dad. They need to be taught the God is always there for them, regardless of where they and that they can talk to God anytime that they want to talk to Him.

  • Explain how prayer has been a valuable part of your life.

There can be many inventive ways to help children to learn how to pray. One way is to explain how prayer has helped you in your life and relate a story about a time when your prayers were answered. This gives children another purpose for prayer. Another way is to have your child thank God for all the things that God is put into their life—even if it is something as simple as thanking him for the kitten, a new toy, or their favorite food. This can often serve a dual purpose, teaching children gratitude in the process.  This can be expanded on by choosing different objects whenever they pray and thanking God for all He has done.

  • Teach children that prayer is not just for mealtime.

Another way to teach children about prayer is to have them pray about things as they happen. This will help to teach the lesson that prayer is not only for before meals or when they are going to bed. A child will learn that prayer is good at any time and about anything.

Mothers have so much responsibility in today’s society. So much more seems to fall on the mother’s shoulders when it comes to raising their children than it does the fathers. As important as work and keeping up with the household may be, possibly the greatest responsibility that a mother has is to show their child love and the love of his heavenly Father.


Photo courtesy of Jeff Bearden. All rights reserved.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Bearden. All rights reserved.

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