Renewing Our Baptismal Vows: Consecration Day 3


Welcome to our 33 day Marian Consecration Retreat as we prayerfully anticipate the commencement of the Year of Mercy. Join us as we share the book 33 Days to Morning Glory: A Do-It-Yourself Retreat In Preparation for Marian Consecration by Fr. Michael E. Gaitley, MIC.

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Today’s Reflection:

During Pope Francis’ General Audience on January 8, 2014, he assigned homework to the faithful. He encouraged each of us to find out the date of our Baptism. A date according to Pope Francis, that is even more important than our birthday because “it is a feast day.” Fr. Gaitley refers to our Baptism as, “the most significant in each of our lives.” Baptism is that moment each of us is adopted into God’s family –“made daughters and sons of the almighty God.”

Today in our reading we will be asked a very difficult question. Do we keep our Baptismal promises to reject Satan and give ourselves completely over to Christ? We all have to admit to an occasional falling short of these vows. We all sin. Yet, this news should not discourage us because we have been given the gift of Our Blessed Mother. Why is she so powerful against the wickedness and snares of the devil? Louis de Monfort shares in his True Devotion writings,

“Satan, being proud, suffers infinitely more from being beaten and punished by a little and humble handmaid of God and her humility humbles him more than the divine power.”

To Ponder:

How can I incorporate my Baptismal promises into my daily prayers?

Let Us Pray:

Blessed Mother, help me daily to renew my vows to reject Satan and all his pomps and works. May I accept the abundant grace available to give myself entirely to your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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Allison Gingras created the Stay Connected Journals for Catholic Women (OSV), including "The Gift of Invitation" and "Seeking Peace: A Spiritual Journey from Worry to Trust." Her ministry focuses on the grace of prayer, Scripture, and sacrament. Allison is the national WINE Steward for WINE: Women In the New Evangelization and hosts A Seeking Heart podcast.


    • You make a good point to ponder — those small ways we are able to reject sin will certainly add up to a bigger victory over time. I always think I got to do the big things for it to count, this was so encouraging!!!

  1. If for no other reason than the fact that “Satan can’t stand her” I all the more cling to mama Mary! Huge shout outs to the little and humble handmaid. Mama Mary you got this!
    (and as I type all this I am FIGHTING with an extremely shoty internet connection that has me questioning all that is good in world. Grr.) 🙂 Time for those baptismal vows.

    • HA ha… You always make me smile!! I shudder to think of my battle without the Mama Mary journeying along with me!! OH wait, I just need to reminiscence about my teen and young adulthood #trainwreck

  2. Powerful stuff! It’s pretty amazing all the stuff Mary can do for us. Talk about an underutilized resource. The baptismal promises are, for me, all about trust and the submission of ourselves to God and His will. So, by keeping humility in the forefront, modeling after Mary, I will be doing a greater job of living my baptismal promises.

    • Great reflection Kate!! A struggle with submission to God’s will – since He doesn’t always consult me first on how I’D LIKE things to go 🙂 But I am trying … you’ve given me some great thoughts on how to better accept it. Got to keep reminding myself it is always for my good – because HE is good.

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