Daily Gospel Reflection for November 12, 2015


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Memorial of Saint Josaphat, Bishop and Martyr

Do you ever get so discouraged after reading the news that you have to take a “news fast” from all of the bad? It can be tempting to allow the darkness in the world to overwhelm me so much that I forget Jesus’ words that the Kingdom of God is already among us.

What we are experiencing now is just a seed of what the Kingdom of God will be like after the Second Coming, but the Church is “the Reign of Christ already present in mystery” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 763). I’ve noticed that I’m usually missing that “Reign of Christ already present” and seeking a break from the news when I’m due for a trip to the confessional. I’m most prone to pity parties and despair when I’ve blocked off the channel of grace to God by my own sin. When I choose sin instead of obedience to God, I am diminishing the Kingdom. When I cooperate with the grace begun in me at baptism, I am helping to grow the Kingdom already started on earth. Until the day when Jesus comes again, every action I make will either work to build up or destroy the Kingdom.


Am I allowing the Holy Spirit to work through me to build up the Kingdom of God among us?


God, thank you for sending us the Holy Spirit at Pentecost to embolden us to live as your disciples. Give us wisdom to know when we are blocking the channels of grace to you, and help us to seek out your mercy in the confessional. Help us to seek you above all else and dedicate ourselves to building up your Kingdom while we are here on earth. Amen.

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  1. Catherine, I loved your “ponder” question today. I’m thinking that often one of the greatest ways that we can do this is to simply LOVE. I think about my little life and how much I won’t do… be a missionary, even ever spend enough time in prayer… and yet by simply loving as God would have us love, I can in a very tiny way be the kingdom of God in my own little part of the world. Thank you for inspiring my prayer time today.

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