The Mystery of the Holy Spirit: Consecration Day 9


Welcome to our 33 day Marian Consecration Retreat as we prayerfully anticipate the commencement of the Year of Mercy. Join us as we share the book 33 Days to Morning Glory: A Do-It-Yourself Retreat In Preparation for Marian Consecration by Fr. Michael E. Gaitley, MIC.
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Today’s Reflection:

What a great mystery the Holy Spirit is!  A creation of eternal Love, a spouse to a remarkable woman, a Being that draws us into the wonder of Mary’s motherhood and inspires us to give God our own “yes!”

This eternal Immaculate Conception gives us the gifts we need to appreciate Mary, the created Immaculate Conception.  Mary and the Holy Spirit are united with the same depth of love that unites husband and wife.  And when we welcome Mary into our hearts, we can be sure the Holy Spirit will want to be there, too.

To Ponder:

Do you often pray to the Holy Spirit?  Consider asking Mary’s Spouse to join her in your heart the next time you embark upon a creative endeavor or face a challenge with your family.

Let Us Pray:

Oh, Mary, you give us so many ways to draw closer to your Son, Jesus.  Please help me remember to call on the Holy Spirit when I need inspiration and direction.
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Charisse Tierney lives in Wichita, Kansas, with her husband Rob and seven children. Charisse is a stay-at-home mom, musician, NFP teacher, and a Catechesis of the Good Shepherd catechist in training. She is also a contributing author to The Catholic Mom's Prayer Companion and Family Foundations magazine. Charisse blogs at Paving the Path to Purity and can be found on Facebook.


  1. Thanks for your reflection Charisse! I think the Holy Spirit is often forgotten. Even in church sometimes (think about those Trinity songs that have a verse dedicated to each Person, but the priest gets where he was going to fast so we only sing 2 of the 3 verses). Pet peeve, anyway. I know I can do much better in this area.
    As a side note, I had a bunch of trouble getting the 33 Days download to open in any capacity at the beginning of this consecration journey. I was so frustrated I just have up and have been using the website. I’m so glad I don’t have access to the whole text now! I love theology and discovering new things about our faith. Fr. Gaitley sure loves cliff hangers and if I had the book, i would be tempted to read ahead, seeking all the theological insights without allowing adequate time for my spiritual reflection. God is good, especially in retrospect ☺

    • Thanks, Kate! I agree that the Holy Spirit is easily forgotten at times–maybe it’s because it is such a mystery. I know that it’s the one Person in the Trinity that I have the hardest time wrapping my brain around! But consecrating myself to Mary has definitely made a huge difference in my awareness of the Holy Spirit. Also, the book, In The School of The Holy Spirit by Jacque Philippe, is a book I read that really helped me to have a better understanding and appreciation for the Holy Spirit. God Bless!

  2. Charisse, you’ve lit a little light bulb for me with what you’ve written today, but especially with your sweet prayer. I tend to become caught up sometimes in trying to “understand” theological explanations of profoundly complicated subjects such as the Holy Spirit and the Immaculate Conception. Your post today reminds me to put away my need to “understand” and to simply go to Mary and the Holy Spirit in prayer, with the simplicity and acceptance of a little child. And to just love, and believe, and trust. Thank you for leading me in a fruitful prayer time today. You have truly blessed me.

    • Thank you so much, Lisa! Yes, the Holy Spirit is a lot to try to “understand”. Even reading about His gifts and what they really mean can get pretty confusing in my opinion! But what a wonderful gift our faith is, that we can confidently turn to such a mysterious Being and trust that He will give us abilities that we didn’t even know we needed! Also, thank you for hosting this Marian consecration here at CatholicMom. I’ve completed the 33 Day retreat once before, and the consecration according to St. Louis de Montfort once–each time I renew my consecration, it is such a gift!

  3. Charisse, I am very grateful for your sweet reflection and prayer. I have to admit, I read Father Gaitley’s words several times, and still found them more perplexing than helpful today. At my age I have grown much more comfortable with allowing mystery to simply “be” — and your post reminded me to bring all of that, the mysterious and perplexing, into my heart, too. Thank you!

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