Daily Gospel Reflection for November 23, 2015


Gospel Reflections 800x800 gold outlineToday’s Gospel: Luke 21:1-4

Optional Memorial of Saint Clement I, Pope and Martyr

Optional Memorial of Saint Columban, Abbot

Optional Memorial of Blessed Miguel Agustín Pro, Priest and Martyr

Many times there is the pressure felt to tithe in church. Some parishioners are very generous, giving donations into the hundreds. Others are just scraping by to get the weekly ten dollars the parish asks for. Jesus questions in this story which person gave more to the treasury. When he said that the poor widow actually gave more, I’m sure some followers were confused. How could someone who had so little give so much? However, the fact that the widow gave out of her need and not out of her excess income showed that she gave more than the rich peoples’ offerings. The wealthy gave out of their extra, while the poor widow may have had to forego a meal in order to make the donation. Jesus tells us in this passage that since her sacrifice was greater, she gave more.


How do I give back to the church and to God? Am I like the wealthy follower who gives when I have extra money? Or am I like the widow, giving up something I needed in order to support Jesus’ mission?


Dear Jesus, help me give my time, talent, and treasure not only from my surplus, but also from my own needs. Let my sacrifices join your great sacrifice and help bring others in the world closer to you.

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  1. A beautiful reflection today Jennifer. One thing I’ve prayed for today is the gift of trust that the widow had… trust in God’s goodness so that when I give my all, I trust that God’s providence will provide the perfect circumstances for my life. I’m talking less here in terms of financial giving, and more in terms of the parts of myself that I hold back out of self-protection. God wants all of us, and God wants us to live with the trust of that widow. Thank you for a beautiful prayer time today!

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