Daily Gospel Reflection for November 30, 2015


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Today’s Gospel: Matthew 4:18-22

Feast of Saint Andrew, Apostle

It was an average day for these men, just another day to work their living and get along the best they can. But in the midst of this normal, average day, something happened that they would never, ever in their wildest dreams think would happen. They were chosen. They were not scholars, rich rulers, or wise philosophers; no, they weren’t chosen for what they were, but who they were. These men were chosen for their potential that Christ saw in them and knew, with time, they will be.

It is the same with us; we are not perfect, rich, or wise beyond measure. We are not all the most beautiful or gifted, but we have something no one else has—potential specific to our own purpose. No one person is totally prepared to face the future, no matter how much insurance or savings account they have; no one is completely prepared. But we can be made strong and wise through our relationship with our Lord with time, as with the disciples. We are chosen, and we must all go through our own refining time; it is His will, and it is good.


Has Christ called you? Are you listening, watching, and seeing a possible need in your community or parish that you could help with? What about the children in our homes—are they being called? How can we help them hear the call?


Dear Lord, thank you for your gift of the Church. We want to serve you, if only where we are in our homes with our families. Help us to hear your call and have the courage to follow you, and help our children to hear their own personal call to ministry, wherever that may be. Amen.

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