My Savior, Jesus Christ

Copyright 2015 Lorrie L. Dyer. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2015 Lorrie L. Dyer. All rights reserved.

My Savor, Jesus Christ 

I am called to greatness but tend to sin

The struggle of good and evil continues within

I search for the light in the mist of darkness

I know there is good even when all I see tells me otherwise

There is a voice within me that guides me

Sometimes I suppress it and stray

Only to know I have betrayed the one who created me

Who dreamed great dreams for me, who lived and died for me

The one who hopes and never forgets me


My Savior, Jesus Christ

When I return to him on bended knee, He eagerly forgives me

He renews my hope and fills my heart with peace

He washes away my imperfections replacing them with his perfect love

Offering me what the world falls to give…

Eternal salvation in My Savior, Jesus Christ

Copyright 2015 Lorrie L. Dyer


About Author

Lorrie Lane Dyer is a facilitator for the Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation with the University of Dayton as well as religious education and parish coordinator. She is working on her Masters of Leadership Development, with a focus in Military Chapel programs at St. Mary of the Woods College. Her faith provides her with inspiration for many of her poetry collections, columns and short stories.


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