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John and Alexa Taylor appear to have two perfect kids and a perfect life. They have an intelligent daughter and a starring football player for a son who is on his way to taking the team to the championship. Their son, Beau, gets caught drinking at a party but isn’t arrested due to his influence on the football team. His father and mother encourage him to turn himself in even though it would mean being benched for the rest of the football season.

Catching FaithAlexa is struggling to trust God and make true friends, while the rest of the town turns against her family for having Beau accept the consequences of his actions. The football team is part of the town’s pride and they are counting on Beau for the championship. The family must unite together while they face adversity and trust that God will lead them. In the end, Beau is accepted as a player again and his purpose is revealed. Sometimes one must suffer in order to grow closer to God in times of need.

God shows Alexa His love for her as His child through her new friends and her family. She grows closer to her loved ones as she sees God’s plan for her life. Alexa even joins a Bible group where she discovers that just being God’s child is enough for her.

This movie is for teens and up. Topics such as under-aged drinking and law enforcement are addressed. The way the conflict is dealt with is a little extreme. The movie overemphasizes Beau’s mistake in order to make a point of God’s love and the level of burden a crisis in a family can create in one’s spiritual journey.

I appreciated the underlying message of being God’s child as enough. One often feels the need to be something for everyone else, instead of being content with the role God intended for one. Overall, I enjoyed the movie and the faith aspects of it. It is a feel-good movie that is straightforward and gets a spiritual message across to the audience. Are you content with just being a child of God?

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