Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Advent Wreath


Today marks the Feast of the Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, originally celebrated in Spain.

Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary


A week before she actually gave birth to the Christ Child, what was she thinking?

She certainly was in a unique situation.

Her own mother St Anne could have prepared her for the joys and aches of pregnancy, labor and delivery but there was certainly no precedent for Conception by the Holy Spirit

…and the Birth of the Son of God!


Mary gives us the Memorare for when we’re struggling and can’t quite find the words to pray.


She promises to intercede for us, comforting and guiding us any way that she can, while she leads us to her Son.

But her prayer was the perfect prayer.


Her prayer reflects her humility, her strong Faith and complete trust in God

…and her perfect obedience to His Will.

Handmaid 2


What’s your perfect prayer?


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