Through the Eyes of the Wise Men

Copyright 2015 Annie Fogel. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2015 Annie Fogel. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Christmas time is the most wonderful time of the year! It is a time to relish in the moments shared with loved ones and friends, delight our taste buds with sweet and decadent treats, engage in the myriad of festivities all around us, and enjoy the gifts given and received. Yet all too often, as the holiday season unfolds, we too easily get caught up in the festivities of the season, overlooking the reason for the season is the incredible gift given to us by God the father.

cover pic.jpegJourney to Faith – Through the Eyes of the Wise Men will give you and your family the opportunity to rediscover the beauty, majesty, wonder and awe of Jesus’s birth and God’s love for us, through the unique perspective of the Wise Men. As you relive their journey, you’ll be able to walk in their shoes and see what they saw, hear what they heard, feel what they felt and experience every moment they experienced. From the moment Melchior discovers the sacred scrolls of God’s word, to the moment Gaspar finally believes, to the moment they see scriptures fulfilled with their own eyes – readers experience firsthand the joys, fears, doubts, struggles and the encounter that changed the lives of the Wise Men forever.

Their story of faith, friendship, and perseverance teaches us that life’s greatest rewards and experiences come to those with a tenacious spirit. As they face and overcome insurmountable obstacles and doubts, defy their fears and venture into the unknown, they remind us that the best things in life do not come easily. They dare us to pursue God, regardless of what we face, and the dreams and/or desires he has hidden in our hearts, just like the Wise Men did. We are also reminded that the fulfillment of God’s promises do not always look like we had envisioned them. Therefore, it is imperative for us to see with eyes of faith, relying on the character and goodness of God, instead of what the natural eye sees.

The reality of this truth is never more evident to the Wise Men, than when the Star leads them to the house of peasants. Jesus, King and Lord, God in the flesh, living in a poor little house. Their expectations were once again shattered leading them to doubt they were at the right place. Meanwhile, the Star they had first seen the night of his birth had reappeared, upon their arrival to Bethlehem, and settled over the house before them. Yet even with the sign of God’s faithfulness illuminating the night sky, they still hesitated, because the promise was packaged in an unexpected way. How many times have we done the very same thing?

Their never before told story is sure to unwrap numerous truths that have remained hidden, within the greatest story ever told. Moreover, it is a gateway into the past shedding more light into the unfathomable love of God and His desire for a deep and meaningful relationship with His creation. Reliving their saga will captivate your heart and stir the depths of your soul. You will never be the same as you see the true meaning of Christmas fresh and anew through their eyes. Will you dare to take the journey to faith? Will you be like the Wise Men?

Courtesy of Annie Fogel. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Courtesy of Annie Fogel. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

About the author: Annie Fogel is a passionate free spirit whose idea of perfection is reading a good book at the beach. She has been married to Keith for 21 years, and they have four children. Her heart’s desire is to sow the seeds of truth into the hearts of all who read her story, trusting God will water them and cause them to grow. Learn more about her work at, and on her YouTube channel.

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Copyright 2015 Annie Fogel.


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