Daily Gospel Reflection for December 22, 2015


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Today’s Gospel: Luke 1:46-56

Mary’s Magnificat has been a long-time favorite of mine. Her words carry such weight, yet they are said with an incredible simplicity and beauty. While I am drawn to the prayer in part because of its Biblical context, pointing back to the Old Testament, it is also Mary’s humility which draws me into deeper prayer, as well as her example of how to praise the Lord.

Her prayer is bold. It should make us think. She isn’t afraid to share with Elizabeth and all the world how good is the Lord who made possible the miracle within her womb. She acknowledges that she is unworthy, but at the same time, accepts the gift that has been granted her.

The Lord continues the work that He began all those years ago, in that small house in Nazareth. He continues to fill the hungry, to help His servants, to grant mercy to all those who call upon Him. He sends us His Son, born of a humble peasant woman and born in our hearts. Just as Mary received Jesus into the world, we are invited to receive Him as well, body and soul, each time we participate at Mass.

May we praise the Lord with Mary as we prepare for our Lord’s coming this Christmas, acknowledging His goodness and acclaiming Him for who He is.


As you prepare for Christmas, in the business of the season, sit quietly today and invite Mary to help you to praise the Lord as she did.


Lord, thank you for your promise of mercy and the promise of your Son. Receive my humble and imperfect offering of praise, for it comes from my heart, and I acknowledge your goodness. Amen.

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