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We’re on the countdown to Sunday’s departure for our journey to Colombia to see Catholic Relief Services’ Rice Bowl programming in that country. I actually left home on January 1 and have spent the last few days at my parents’ house in Mississippi, so my packing took place last week. A few things that made their way into my suitcase:

This trusty purple duffle bag has also been with me to Rwanda and Tanzania!

This trusty purple duffle bag has also been with me to Rwanda and Tanzania!

Rain gear – We will be visiting the Andes Mountains region, where the weather forecasts predict a great deal of rain during our visit.

Gifts – When we take these trips, we have the good fortune of making new friends along the way. We also have visits planned with two local bishops. I’ve packed a few copies of The Grace of Yes and some “treat bags” for the children we’ll meat along the way. Be on the lookout for selfies!

Currency – We don’t typically have occasion to do much spending on these trips, so I’ll only be taking a small amount of money with me. The currency in Colombia is the Colombian peso. Another smart step when taking these trips is to notify credit cards and banking institutions of travel, so that has been taken care of.

Gear – I’ve learned to travel light. The most important gear I’ll have with me on this trip is my Rosary, a small book of gospels, my iPhone 6+ (which will be in airplane mode the entire time), and my Macbook Pro. I’ve got a digital camera along for the ride too, but tend to use my iPhone most while on these trips.


Hoping that my eye is back to normal before departure!

Medical Supplies – Normally, I don’t worry much about packing medicine. But for some reason I’ve been fighting a nasty virus this month so I’ve packed an assortment of concoctions to keep me from coughing all over the rest of my travel crew. One of my fellow travelers is a notorious germaphobe, so I’ve got antibacterial wipes galore. To top off the excitement, I gave myself a “black eye” (although it’s more purple) in a dangerous “hair dryer incident” this week, so I’ve got a bit of make up just in case.


I was hoping to be more proficient in Spanish by the time of our departure, but alas this goal got away from me. I’ve learned a few basics, but also have my Duolingo app and some basic phrases to study on the trip to Bogota on Sunday. Also, we have the awesome Fr. Rafael Capo traveling with us so I’m sure I’ll be asking him “how do you say ___?” quite a lot on the trip!

We depart on Sunday from Atlanta, so stay tuned for social media posts until then covering final preparations.

Please join me in praying through the intercession of Colombia’s patrons Our Lady of Chiquinquirá, St. Louis Bertrand, and St. Peter Claver for the success and safety of our journey.

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  1. SAFE travels… I look forward to following along via social media!! Unlike your germaphobe companion, I’ve yet to overcome mine enough to venture out beyond the comfort of vicarious travel!!! Hmmm, with that eye maybe you should learn to say, “no I am not a professional boxer” … those I DO think it makes you look tough and may keep people from messing with you!

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