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The World Wide Web is filled with amazing Catholic Blogs written by equally amazing Catholic Bloggers. My hope throughout this year is to introduce you to a few of the many who really inspire me. These first three were chosen because these are literally the last three sites I happen to spend time on during the month of December – and since this feature is called, “Where I Spent My Time Online,” just seemed appropriate and natural choices. That each is very well done and contains helpful and notable information also played a part in their selection.

The first two sites served to inspire me for projects hoped for but never came to be for Advent and Christmas. Although I may not have accomplished “A Very Martha” Christmas, I am still inspired by their ideas and accomplishments, and as Scarlett O’Hara reminds me, “There is always tomorrow.” I suppose in the case of missed 2015 holiday opportunities, it is more fitting to say, “There is always hope for next year.”

The third site draws me to it often because of my desire to know more about and, of course, embrace and incorporate better, the virtues in my life. As the New Year rolls in, I am always looking to change some wayward or unhealthy behavior. Focusing on the virtues, especially those that counter my particular personal vices, seems the perfect way to make progress with this year’s resolutions!

Faith and Fabric:

Crafting and Quilting through the Liturgical Year

A Slice of Smith Life:

Savoring the Sweetness of Faith, Family and Homeschooling

Virginia Lieto:

Embracing the Virtues to a Happier Life


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