Daily Gospel Reflection for January 21, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: Mark 3, 7-12 – St. Agnes

The word is out, the “miracle man” is in town. Could all the stories about Him really be true? This is something we need to see: a man of power who speaks with authority. He heals on the Sabbath. He baffles the politicians and angers the church hierarchy. One minute he is dining with the crowd and the next day he is embracing the lepers. Who is this guy? We have got to check Him out.

Now they’re saying, “He makes the blind to see, the lame to walk.” That’s unbelievable. We’ve got to check Him out!

There is a big crowd down by the Lake. We’ll have to fight the crowd to get close enough to see Him. Who knows, we might get a free meal out of this. Can he really do all the things that say he can? We have got to check Him out.

What is this? We came looking for signs and wonders but what we hear is Mercy. Mercy from God. Mercy for the sick, for the poor, for the lost. He says our sins can be forgiven, our defects healed if we repent. Is this what we came for? Can he really do what he says? Forgive sins? Only God can do that? Who is this Jesus?

The whole town is buzzing.


We are faced with the same question as the crowd. Who is He? Do we know who Jesus is? Do we come for signs and wonders or do we come for Him?


Jesus help us to come to you for your Mercy. Let the graces flow from us into the world who is so much in need of your healing.


Copyright 2016 Deacon Paul Krilich

Deacon Paul Krilich is the father of eight and grandchildren of nine. He serves as deacon for St. John the Evangelist parish in the diocese of Gary, Indiana. A construction company owner by day but servant of God at all times, he strives to live the example of St. Francis and is a Secular Franciscan. In addition to his parish work, he ministers by teaching scripture and distributing food to the homeless women in Gary with the Missionaries of Charity.


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