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imageedit_12_2731339335As I sit out on the deck gazing out over the valley floor I ponder my Lenten obligations sipping my cup of coffee, listening to the birds chirp and watching the sun crest over the distant mountain range. Soaking up the beauty before me I breath it all in when all of a sudden it is too much. I cannot breath out! What is happening? Just as panic sets in I wake up with a gasp. Groggy and out of sorts I sigh “Ah, Lent…” or was it “Ugh, Lent”? Panic begins to set in once again.

Doing my best to remain calm and avoid household responsibilities I focus on getting caught up on the latest Instagram inspiration and Facebook feel-goods. In the midst of my scrolling frenzy I discovered the perfect Lenten trifecta! Did you know there are some amazingly talented women putting out some quality resources to get you and me through Lent? Woohoo for the talented! I shall consume your goods. Because that is my hidden talent: consuming. The following groups have all the bases covered for a fabulous Lent: Faith, Family, and Fun! I am all for fun even and shall I say especially when life knocks me down.

First up is Faith. I am amping up my prayer life in 2016 with some dedicated prayer time and giving journaling an honest effort. I have yet to achieve a full 5 days straight of dedicated prayer time and journaling, but I did come close to hitting 3 days in a row once. I think I can do better and I am going to keep working on it with the help of the Blessed Is She Lenten Workbook by My thoughts are that it will be like journaling without all the…journaling, ha! I have a hard time letting the words flow. Looking back at some of my journaling I see to-do lists and rants. I get the feeling I might be missing the point of journaling.

Next up is Family. Engaging and going deeper into Lent with my crew is always on my intentions list of things to do for Lent but alas I fall short year after year. Some years I feel like Religious Ed class is the only reason my children know the liturgical season has changed. Canned food drives and a request to be at Stations of the Cross for Children are like the air horn startling me to attention. This year Instagram inspiration has me on the path to Lent success with a free printable worksheet titled My Lenten Promise by I have printed my copy and I am ready to launch at dinner February 10, 2016.

Last is the Fun! Always gotta follow the faith and family learning/growing time with some fun. Like the cream cheese frosting on paleo carrot cake, it makes the good even better. The Catholic Conference for Moms is my cream cheese frosting! My local parish here in California is a host site for the conference, themed Faces of Mercy. Now granted this is specific mom fun, but we all know the fun that ensues when dad holds down the fort, so it’s technically fun for all. Go with it. I am excited about this conference because I am told there will be a swag bag of goodies and lunch provided. Remember my talent? Yup, I am a professional consumer and this conference has consumption written all over it! In between swag bag and lunch I am eager to consume the wisdom and insights from some notable presenters like the one and only Allison Gingras, Kimberely Hahn, Jennessa Terraccino (may I just say how fun I think it is to say her name out loud!) and the always delightful Pat Gohn. I am so excited about this conference and have high hopes of meeting some great moms!

Now time will tell if I actually hit the mark for this perfect Lenten trifecta; however I do know that even if I’m not so perfect this Lent I will not wallow in a pit of guilt. I get enough of that when I go for that second cookie! I will acknowledging that I myself cannot grow unless I am fed by Him. I must allow Him to feed me by contemplating his Word and then trusting in his nourishing ways. When I slip up this Lent I will not let it consume me. I will pick myself up and carry on. I will offer my slip ups and my gains to the Lord and consume His mercy.

How are you amping up 2016? My God-children will be getting a copy of My Lenten Promises in the mail (takin’ it back old school, lol). Who will you share My Lenten Promises with? Where will you attend the catholicconference4moms?

If all of this has panic setting in for you, breathe! Now wake up and click through to one of the above resources or view my Lenten Planning board on pinterest. Happy Lent planning!

© 2016 Gina Felter


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Gina Felter, wife, mother of five, adventurer and techie. She enjoys sharing her zeal for technology and has served at both the national and local levels in support of Catholic social media endeavors. Currently pursuing a degree in Computer Information Systems she embraces the intentional use of technology while being informed of potential vulnerabilities. Gina nurtures her soul in nature with an active prayer life enjoying outdoor adventures such as cycling, running and hiking. She invites you to learn more about her adventures at and welcomes your comments or inquiries at [email protected]


  1. Gina, this was a great article – and THANK YOU for your sweet words about our Lenten Promise Card! I can’t wait to hear how it goes for your family this year. We’ve been doing it the past few years, and I always save the cards…it’s very sweet to go back and see how we (and little man) have changed and grown each year.

    • Thanks Jen! I’m super excited about this resource because it incorporates all three dynamics of our lent en journey. We’ve gotten by in the past with talking about it and I think this year, with the help of your resource, we are ready to do more.

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