Daily Gospel Reflection for February 1, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: Mark 5, 1-20

Today’s Gospel is the perfect reminder of the transformation that can take place through Christ. Jesus is able to do great things through each of us if we are open to it.

“And he pleaded earnestly with him not to drive them away from that territory.” When I read this sentence I am reminded we are like the unclean spirit…we want to keep doing what we are doing. We are full of sin and stubbornness and need Christ’s help.

I believe by taking a few moments each evening to do an evaluation of conscience, repent, seek out God’s help and try to do better tomorrow, I can overcome sin. Some days are easier than others. Some days I fall back into sin, am full of remorse and once again turn to God for help. Each time I reach out to God for his help, strength and forgiveness, He offers me all of those.

In my sin, I find humility and a greater understanding of just how much I truly need God in my life. Without him I would lose all hope, I would eventually live in complete darkness. God takes me up each day and offers me hope, forgiveness and the chance to choose the right path. In turn, like the man in today’s Gospel, I try my best to go out and proclaim what Christ has done for me.


What can I do to help myself choose to follow the path of Christ instead of sin?


Jesus, please help me to seek you in all that I do. Today, I turn to you for your guidance. I know you understand the struggle of sin, though you are sinless. You gave your life for my sins. Please help me to remember this as I choose the paths I will take throughout the day.


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In addition to writing for CatholicMom.com, Lorrie L. Dyer is the Catholic Religious Education Coordinator for her local base chapel and facilitates for the Virtual Learning Center for Faith Formation (VLCFF), University of Dayton. Lorrie also writes poetry and short stories. She is married with three children and lives on a Christmas tree farm (in the making) with her dog, three horses and miniature donkey.


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